Hike Rolls New Feature “Bro Buddy Bae”

Hike Rolls New Feature “Bro Buddy Bae”

Hike, the home-grown messaging app, has rolled out a new feature named as “Bro Buddy Bae,” where consumers will be allowed to tag their friends as per what they think about them and vice versa. Bros indicate friends such as family; Buddies are pals who are always there; and Bae is an important person you love prior to anyone else. This new aspect is just to see who thinks what about you, and if it will match with your pals or not. All you have to do is follow these instructions:

Hike Rolls New Feature “Bro Buddy Bae”

  • Launch the hike app
  • Click on the “Me” icon present at the bottom
  • Drive to the “Services”
  • Click on “Bro Buddy Bae” option
  • Click on the “Take me there” option

Once you have followed the instructions, you will see your pals come into view on the screen one after another and all you have to do is mark them. If the mark you selected for a pal goes with what she/he has selected for you, you can transfer Blue Packets with money (designed envelopes) to your matches. To kick things off, Hike is distributing away Blue Packets with secret money amount. To make things more motivating, you can also utilize the live filters in the app. The new feature is planned to last till August 13, 2017.

The firm had also lately rolled out Hike 5.0, packed with fresh features, mobile-wallet being the mainly significant one. The other aspects comprise night mode, new colorful app themes, Timeline, magic selfie, the app seize reduced from 40 MB to 25 MB, and 128 bit security encryption.

The Hike wallet will now allow users to receive and send cash from their family and friends. The 3 major features of the wallet are: Firstly, immediate transfer of money through UPI from Bank to bank or from wallet to wallet. Secondly, Blue Packets will allow users to surprise their family members and friends with money put in attractive envelopes with filters and private messages on them. And lastly, Recharge that will allow consumers to recharge mobile phones from the app itself, both post-paid and pre-paid.

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