Apple reveals its new TV app for Apple devices

Nowadays, the source of entertainment is shifting from television to portable devices. Rapidly growing technology is the reason behind the consequences. But the change isn’t hampering anyone, in any way. People prefer to carry their multimedia devices which are portable. Why would anyone refuse to reap the benefits of the advancements and drastic changing world?

Thus to beat the market for previously developed TV app and to avoid losing the specific Apple users through app medium, Apple has introduced its new TV application for iOS and tvOS. This app is a single medium to access TV shows, latest movies, and other entertainment programs. The app also tracks your activity of favorite channels, searches across apps, and provides an internal access to iTunes.

The concept of centralized app was derived due to various applications for video streaming and TV by which the users had to browse through individual app of their choice.

The User Interface of the TV is more similar to the Netflix front end with a wide variety of content available in the application.

The added featured in the Apple TV app is that, Apple’s intelligent assistant ‘Siri’ is enabled to smoothen your search. Just spell out the game you want see or the episode you want to stream without navigating the application. And you go.

However, the content provided by famous streaming applications cannot be accessed by the TV app. The focus will be on streaming majority TV networks on application rather than emphasizing other services.

The services will be available only for Apple users with a valid login information enabled with paid TV subscription.

So guys, isn’t world becoming more and more convenient to live in?? Feel free to share your thoughts.