Government to Organize E-Portal to Regulate Sale of Drugs Online

Government to Organize E-Portal to Regulate Sale of Drugs Online

All distributors, manufacturers, and retailers interested in trading medicines and drugs online will have to enroll themselves on an e-portal to be soon organized by the Center. This information was provided to the Bombay High Court this week.

This data about the proposed measure of the Center to legalize the online trade of medicines and drugs was subjected by the Government of Maharashtra to a team of Justice N M Jamdar and Chief Justice Manjula Chellur.

The state government offered the data at the time of hearing a plea by the court of city resident M Patil. This highlighted the problem of online, easy availability of drugs with students purchasing medicines on basis of false medical recommendations.

Government to Organize E-Portal to Regulate Sale of Drugs Online

The high court had previously taken grave note of the problem and had enquired the government as to what measures it has planned to deal with it.

P P Kakade, the additional government pleader, informed the court that a community notice had been subjected by the Union Ministry of Family and Health Welfare in March 2017 on the demand to plug the bridges in trades of drugs, comprising their sale online.

“The aim of such guideline will be to make sure the accessibility of correct drugs that meet the principles of quality to each person in need of drugs and medicine. This also includes shortening anti-microbial confrontation and also regulating delivery of medicines on Internet or online to entities or other people outside the country,” the notice stated.

“The government plans to find a full-bodied e-enabled organization for regulating the trade of medicines. An e-platform will be maintained and developed by an independent body below the Ministry of Family and Health Welfare,” the notice further added.

It further added that all makers will be needed to enroll themselves with the e-portal and submit information concerning to the trade of drugs to several distributors on e-platform.

“All distributors and wholesalers will also be needed to enroll themselves on the given portal and submit details of stocks supplied and received by them to additional retailers or distributors,” the notice further added said.

Well, this is a great initiative started by the government.