Twitter Rolls Out New Option to Keep Spammers Away

Twitter Rolls Out New Option to Keep Spammers Away

Most of the people on Twitter have been exasperated by spam tweets and unwanted notifications that frequently pop on timeline. Well, there is good news for these exasperated users. The company is making it effortless for users to keep unwanted notifications and spammers at bay. The micro blogging site has rolled out a new enhanced option to make the notifications from those accounts voiceless that you do not follow.

Users can now authorize “Advanced Filter Settings” to cleanly mute notifications of accounts that do not follow you, accounts that you do not follow, accounts with a pre-selected profile pic (that you do not follow), accounts that are new (that you do not follow), accounts without a confirmed phone number (that you do not follow), and accounts without a confirmed email address (that you do not follow).

Twitter Rolls Out New Option to Keep Spammers Away

The enhanced filters for notification can be organized on the web via the “Notifications” tab located on the timeline. Users need to click on the “Settings” choice and tick the boxes of favored filters. iOS users need to click on the “Gear’” icon located in the notifications section, followed by “Advanced Filters” to have admission to the preferred choices. Android users need to follow the similar instructions.

Twitter is regularly rolling out new upgrades and features for its users. One latest feature that the company rolled out was the “Automatic Night Mode.” Up till now, users had to physically shift to Night Mode in the app to get dim background. As its name proposes, “Automatic Night Mode” turns the Night Mode on as soon as it is sunset. It is noteworthy that users can modify “Automatic Night Mode” from the app’s settings to manual.

To set “Automatic Night Mode” in motion on Android, users just need to open the sidebar by swiping from the main feed towards right or clicking on their profile image, and click on the “Settings and privacy” option. This comprise the “Display and sound” alternative, under which “Automatic at sunset” choice can be set in motion.

A couple of weeks ago, the company made cosmetic modification to its interface for iOS, Android, and Web platforms.

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