App Helps People Get Home-Cooked Food

App Helps People Get Home-Cooked Food

Imagine a scenario where you are away from the home. What so ever may be the reason, be it for studies or for your job. And at such situations you miss the tasty home-made food. But do not worry. We have a solution for this dilemma.

An app designed by a software firm in Namma Kudla is assisting people get home-made food. Named as Tuckout, the app is obtainable on Android and iOS and went active last month, said CEO of Bolas Intelli Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Rajesh Rao. It is designed by Bolas Intelli Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a firm whose headquarter is located in Manguluru.

App Helps People Get Home-Cooked Food

Sources said that the development of the app is a group work by Bolas Intelli Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and other companies as well. But Rao refused to comment on this rumor. Rao claimed to the media that the exceptional app took around 1 Year to develop and design.

Giving a brief about the app, Rao claimed that it is all about an innovative Australian firm, with their organizer Sohan Aloysius Domingo having his ancestry in Manguluru. Sohan, as an alternative of approaching firms in Silicon city, put his faith in a tier-2 city company. Tuckout is for home cook industry what AirBnB and Uber are for hospitality and travel industries in that order.

It is changing the home takeaway and cooking marketplace industry, where individuals interested in making extra bucks and cooking are registered after precise examination. It has been made up from the base by a bunch of extremely motivated food lovers. The app has been developed to unlock one’s kitchen to a whole innovative world of users, whether you are an established restaurant or a home cook.

“The goal of this is uniting the home-cooked meals, deliciousness of fresh food, with the handiness of takeaway food,” Rao said to the media.

Having said this, the app is not yet launched in the Indian market place. And we are sure that company had definitely thought about this since the whole world is aware of the potential of the Indian market.