Things you can do with BEER

In the list of the world’s most consumed drinkable liquids includes tea on the third position, coffee on the second position, and the one which we will be discussing about is the golden fizzy fluid—the “BEER”. We don’t need any details about the drink, which sets up and rocks our feet.

And for the people out there who avoid alcohol, no matter what quantity or how concentrated it is, it can be used for numerous other household hacks and useful applications. And for the crazy boozers, buy an extra pint for the below benefits of beer.

Nourishment for Hair


The ingredients used in beer contains vitamin B which is a vital element for stimulating the hair growth making them healthy. Just apply the beer gently on the scalp and wash it with cold water after 5 minutes.

Results = Awesome Silky Hair.

Healthy and Smooth Skin


Beer has the capability of repairing wrinkles and dead skin, blooming your glow. Some of the home ingredients including 1 spoon of beer, egg white, and almond oil can work as perfect face pack.

Results = Glowing Smooth Skin.

Comfortable Sleeping


Sleeping doesn’t mean the hangover sleep. Nope … not at all!!! Beer has an added ingredient known as Hop flower which is a perfect remedy for relaxing sleep. Washing pillow covers and bed sheets with the solution of equal amount of beer and water, enables the fabric to absorb the aroma of the hops and make you feel sleepy.

Results = Peaceful Sleep.

Enhances look of your wooden furniture and metal artifacts

tropical-artwork maintain-shine-wooden-furniture1

Why to go for varnishes and polishing solutions when you have beer bottle in your freezer. Take it off! Soak the cloth in beer and rub it on the furniture and see the glittering magic same as the varnishes does. Similarly, soaking valuable metallic artifacts in beer turns their surface shiny after the process. The acidity present in the beer does the magic.

So people, don’t over-drink it’s injurious rather try this out…!!!