Apple’s One-Day “Black Friday” Sale: Voiding Last Year’s Decision

Apple has made a slight, and totally opposite to say, change in its last year’s decision regarding Black Friday Sale. The company is going for a one-day sale through a new web page. This upcoming sale is the result of the decision to participate in the event of holiday shopping which contradicts Apple’s last year’s decision. The company is said to commend its decision as a part of its operation to be “good to…employees.” This new site presently is not revealing any details regarding the deals available for sale, but is though promoting the Apple Store App and free 2-day delivery along with extended-hours facility to consumers in their local stores.

Apple's One-day sale
Apple’s One-day sale

Though the extended-hours facility is provided to consumers, the extended hours may differ by location. Many stores may offer extended opening and closing times all through the holidays so as to manage the bigger foot traffic.

In the meantime, Apple’s plan regarding e-commerce sales is revealed on the new Black Friday teaser page, which states that sales taking place in this one-day event will provide free shipping, only if orders are placed before 5 PM. As it not clearly mentioned whether the time is 5 PM EST or PST, it is considered to be 5 PM local time. Delivery within 2 hours facility is also provided by selected markets, which is possible due to the company’s previous partnership with Postmates.

Further, the new page reveals several curated gift collections which include photography gifts, music gifts, Apple gifts, and toys and games. “Apple gifts” is a collection of its top devices such as iPad, Apple TV, iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook, and various other accessories.

Apple’s this settlement of a Black Friday Sale is noticeable as the company refused to take part in the holiday shopping event last year. This showed that Apple was not interested in any type of sale and its positive effects on the company’s sale. At the end, Apple grabs billions even in quarterly profits. Nevertheless, as recent income has signaled that Apple’s smartphone business is witnessing a slight slow growth. On the other hand it will not be a smart move to judge the people’s reaction towards the newly launched Macbook computers.

Hoping that Apple may grab, and we too, a good hand in this upcoming sale, let’s wait for the one-day Black Friday Sale.

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