Zurich Insurance uses AI for personal injury claims


Zurich Insurance is setting up AI to decide personal injury claims once the tests slashed the time used for processing from one hour to just a few seconds, its chairman stated.

“We lately rolled out an AI claims-handling and it saved 40,000 hours of work, while pacing up the processing of claims time from an hour to just five seconds,” Tom de Swaan, Chairman, Zurich Insurance told media, once  the insurer initiated utilizing machines in March to evaluate paperwork, for instance, medical reports.

“We completely plan to extend the employment of this kind of artificial intelligence,” he stated. Insurers are battling to work on the advantages of advancements in technological such as AI and Big Data since tech-driven business enterprises, such as Lemonade Inc, makes an entry in the market.

Lemonade guarantees homeowners and renters’ insurance in as minute as 90 seconds and the imbursement of claims in max to max 180 seconds with the assistance of artificial intelligence bots that help in claims of process and policies. De Swaan stated that Zurich Insurance, the fifth-biggest insurer of Europe, will employ machine learning or AI more and more for handling of claims.

“Precision has enhanced. Since it is machine learning, each new claim results to additional improvements and development,” the De Swaan said. Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance, the Japanese insurer, initiated employing AI in January, swapping its 34 members of staff in a move and said that it might save 140 Million Yen ($1.3 million) in a year. Aviva, the British insurer, is also presently looking forward to make the use of an AI.

De Swaan stated that he is not frightened of rivalry from tech majors such as Alphabet, the parent company of Google, or Apple making an entry in the insurance market, even though some technology firms have shown their interest in lending a helping hand to Zurich. “Nobody among the technology firms so far has taken risk of insurance on their financial statement, since they do not want to be in harmony,” he stated. “Your financial statement should be able to take risk of insurance and sell insurance,” he added further.


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