Locate the best burger stalls around you

Who wouldn’t have their heart melted looking at the luscious burgers? The burger is something all the food lovers can die for. Therefore, in order to soothe their urge for burgers during the tired and lazy days, a Malaysian company has come up with an amazing app.

Unilever Food Solutions Malaysia has developed an app called Burger Kat Mane for helping the public locate their favorite burger stalls nearby their location. When you are at the peak of your hunger, all that you can see around is food. After a quick glance, when you open your eyes, you have nothing around. This is just a trick! Maybe our mind plays with the body in order to cut down your calorie intake. So guys don’t listen to your mind and do just what your tummy tells you to do. Thus, for not disappointing you at the time of hunger, the company has developed this fabulous app to help you hunt down the burger stalls present at every nook and corner of the street.

Currently, the Unilever Food Solutions Malaysia plans to expand its business by connecting around 10,000 and more burger stalls present all across the world for all the burger lovers. It’s a surprise for all the friends who have been waiting all these years for a food trail that leads to the burger stalls. The app lets one choose his or her favorite stall present in Burger Kat Mane and share their view with the other users using the Burger Kat Mane Facebook page. The burger stall owners can also post their offers as well as publicize their products to boost their business. All that the users have to do for enjoying the free services is to sign in online.

According to a manager of the company, the app tends to help an individual to locate the burger stalls using the map-based technology. Burger Kat Mane is going to prove to be a turning point for the burger operators.

So friends, don’t curb your urge for a burger munch. Rather download the map-based app to locate the nearby burger stalls.