Finally… The Gadget to De-Stress You and Enhance Your Sleep Is Here

Finally… The Gadget to De-Stress You and Enhance Your Sleep Is Here

After whole day’s stressful work, it is not easy to get a sound sleep. Right? If you are struggling with the same issue, here is a new gadget that can help you out.

A company named Thync has come up for your help with its new gadget. Thync is well known for its neurostimulation wearable devices. The company is now launching its new gadget—the Thync Relax Pro. The Relax Pro is the company’s second-generation device and focuses to reduce stress so as to provide its users a sound and complete sleep, providing required rest for the body.

Finally… The Gadget to De-Stress You and Enhance Your Sleep Is Here

The gadget uses the gentle nerve stimulation method by sticking to the back of your neck and in turn relieving you from your stress. Let’s have a look on the detailed working of this new gadget.

An app is needed for getting the device work. In the app, you have 2 modes options: Thync Deep Relax and Thync Deep Sleep. The company’s first device was aimed at energizing and calming, but the latest new device takes care of poor sleep due to stress.

You will be in a drowsy and peaceful state by selecting Thync Deep Sleep setting. On the other hand, by choosing the second option, that sis, Thync Deep Relax, your mood will be enhanced by relieving the stress.

The device is glued to the neck through a pad, which has electrodes on it.

According to the company, these electrodes make use of low-level and safe electrical pulses in order to stimulate the nerves in the neck, which are connected to brain controlling your mood, sleep quality, and stress.

Thync has been working on this technology for 4 years and has performed several clinical researches on the same by studying its users. However, the device doesn’t cure medical conditions. So friends, don’t make a mistake by thinking so. People dealing with pacemakers, or are pregnant, or have a seizures history are recommended to not use this device.

The new Thync Relax Pro is iOS and Android compatible and has a subscription price of $29 per month, and additional $149 for the pod.