Alternative healing therapies that actually has affect

Even though the medical science, with the help of advanced technology, has reached heights, there are some cases where the science cannot have its magic to work. In those cases, the traditional 100-year old therapies come handy and save our life. Today, we are presenting such therapies to you. You can use these therapies in everyday life as well.


It is a technique in which antique therapeutic art is to regularly press key spots utilizing the fingers that arouse the body’s usual self-therapeutic capabilities. This technique too is used in conventional Chinese medication.


It is a process where practitioners arouse precise spots on the body. This is typically done by slotting in slim needles through skin. It is a traditional practice that is used in conventional Chinese medication.

Aroma therapy

A technique that utilizes natural oils pulled out from bark, flowers, leaves, stern, or other parts of a plant to improve physical and psychological well-being. These oils pass through the bloodstream by frequent engrossment into the skin.

Crystal healing

Various crystals have various properties and energies. This can have an effect on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Music therapy

People are requested to listen to a CD of an appended range developed for that disease or condition. Music is synchronized on the basis of the type of activity that is anticipated out of a patient.

Well friends, now that you know about these therapies, you can recommend them to your relatives and family members. You can also try them out on yourself.


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