Verizon And Teradata Have These Expectations From The New Budget

Verizon And Teradata Have These Expectations From The New Budget

The new Budget is out and this is what Verizon Enterprise Solutions and Teradata India expect for it.

Verizon And Teradata Have These Expectations From The New Budget

Verizon Enterprise Solutions

“The Indian Government has made great efforts to promote the development and growth of the IT and telecommunication segment of India, intensifying the digital as well as economic transformation in the nation. As the industry struggles with rivalry posed by digital disturbance, we expect that the Union Budget 2018–2019 will consider the main problems such as changes in the telecom regulatory structure through industry discussion as fraction of latest National Telecom Policy 2018 to market lawful predictability, certainty, and worldwide consistency that will additionally promote investments and innovation in the IT and telecom segment. The solution to success of the initiative for Digital India also lies in carrying out the required changes to the tax frameworks comprising GST that have played an essential role in growing the economic prowess of the country,” claimed Priya Mahajan, head at Verizon Enterprise Solutions for ASPAC Public Policy and Regulatory Counsel, to the media in an interview.

Teradata India

“Budget 2018 presumes implication as it comes after 2 historical changes made by the management, the implementation of GST and demonization. It is huge to lastly witness digitization presume its equitable significance and all-pervasive significance for more effectual domination in our healthy nation. The government is already concentrating on the rise of troublesome techs such as advanced analytics, automation, internet of things, blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, and we expect that it makes easy the acceptance of some of these techs both, for itself to enhance citizen services and governance as well as by enterprise and industry to accelerate the growth of new services and products. We are also seeking forward to new actions by the administration that will power the development of R&D and innovation in India and additionally improve the ease of doing business,” claimed Souma Das, MD at Teradata India, to the media.

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