Google And Apple’s Worker Buses Attacked In California

Google And Apple's Worker Buses Attacked In California

Vandals destroyed Alphabet Inc. and Apple Inc. charter buses transporting workers from and to work in Silicon Valley of California in past few of days, cops claimed last week while having a word with the media. The broken windows did not damage anybody but as a precaution, Apple moved transports to a longer path. The huge coach buses are an ordinary sight on Bay Area freeways of San Francisco but have also turned out to be a sign of the role of tech industry in towering traffic congestion and housing costs.

Google And Apple's Worker Buses Attacked In California

An Apple bus was smacked last week by an unidentified object, and 4 more of the firm’s bus and a transport for Alphabet (Google parent firm) were banged last week, as per California Highway Patrol. Cops are not aware what caused the harm but have ruled out road trash such as rocks, Art Montiel, spokesman of the agency, claimed to the media in an interview.

Teamsters Local 853, the union representing transport drivers who drove 2 of the Apple shuttles struck last week, defined the events as a “capsule gun attack” in an interview. A representative for the Teamsters team, Doug Bloch, claimed that only the exterior layer of the double-paned windows of the buses broke, recommending that the attacks fell short of the power of bullets.

“It is hard to know how to protect in opposition to this,” Bloch claimed. “It is frightening.” Cops have amplified monitoring on Interstate 280 close to the town of Woodside. It is a huge route for traveling between San Francisco, where many workers of tech industry reside as well as the employees of the Silicon Valley’s corporate campuses live there. Alphabet did not answer to a question for interview. Facebook Inc claimed last week that its transports had not been assaulted and were working with no alterations in service.