Surat Is A Formidable Threat For The Ruling Government BJP This Election

Surat Is A Formidable Threat For The Ruling Government BJP This Election

As PM Narendra Modi pushed his operation for the state of Gujarat into top cog on this week, he placed Surat on high position in his itinerary list. Before they start giving votes on December 9, 2017, he is projected to revert to the city by next week. As the viable capital of Gujarat, Surat has always been a high-maintenance for the politicians. But in this voting, when it is seen as analyzing its unfaltering reliability to the BJP, its political concentration has worn out.

The 2nd largest city in the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state after Ahmadabad embodies foundation Gujarati values of trade and ventures, of colonizers elbowing their way in claiming a venture of the active commerce, for the hold back Hinduism, textiles and diamonds are creating striking fortunes like the several tycoons, who almost 3 years ago, gifted their employees with luxury apartments as well as cars for Diwali bonus.

Surat Is A Formidable Threat For The Ruling Government BJP This Election

Since the year 2002, BJP has been successful in every single 16 assembly seats in Surat. But in the year 2015 urban election, the Congress party captured more than double seats (the BJP although won the corporation seats with no trouble). It wasn’t the Congress party that actually did all the hard work. The corporation in Surat was chosen several months after Hardik Patel delivered ardent speeches at public platforms and stadiums, which were packed with other young people like him. He had only one demand—the society must gain from positive action policies.

PM Narendra Modi and his well-known Gujarat Model of growth, he suspected, had not created any jobs. When other caste’s people were given a guarantee of government seats and positions in colleges, then why not the Patels, who make up around 15% of Gujarat’s inhabitants, he questioned. This plan was revealed by him at his first public meeting in the month of August in the year 2015 in Surat. More than 6 Lakh people were present in the assembly.

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