Indians Avert From Websites That Don’t Load in 5 Seconds

Indians Avert From Websites That Don’t Load in 5 Seconds

According to a recent survey, when considering online surfing, two-thirds of people in India do not wait for even 5 Seconds for a website to load and get going to another website. As said by the survey of Limelight Networks, a global digital content provider, Indians hold the position of most exigent Internet users and around 54% would shift to another site to make a buy if a website was too sluggish

Also, after experiencing slow performance earlier, almost 10% of the Indian users don’t return to that website. The primary device for Indians to access the online content is smartphones and above half, that is, 56%, look ahead to speedy web performance irrespective of what device is being used.

Indians Avert From Websites That Don’t Load in 5 Seconds

In a statement, Limelight Networks’ Senior Director, Michael Milligan, said, “In the crowded market of today, brands cannot risk providing a poor online experience to their users.” The annual worldwide report has emphasized on the online behavior and anticipations of customers from 7 countries, comprising India. They discovered major rises in time exhausted online and the influence of online experiences on consumer loyalty.

Across the world, at least 15 Hours per week are spent by above 45% of individuals, which is a 64% rise from the previous year. Approximately a third of consumers in India spend at least 15 Hours every week online outside of job—the lowest among the nations reviewed.

Indian consumers also wish to know their data is being protected online. Around 69% have a pessimistic judgment of a brand after a security breach is being experienced. And about 45% say they won’t buy from a website that has been the sufferer of a cyber attack.

Milligan added, “Slow performance, security violations, and other components of an incompetent online experience have an effect on actions of shoppers. This can have long-term consequences on customer retention and brand reputation.”

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