There’s More To Tea Than Just About Green And Black

For all the Tea lovers, there’s a lot more for you to find out than just green tea and black tea.

As diehard tea or chai drinkers, we’re well familiar with tea. We all are aware about the spices we prefer to add to the brew and we know the exact amount of milk we like to pour in our cup of tea. But even though we think we’re the best tea experts, there’s a lot more to tea than just a simple strong milky tea or chai. There are different kinds of tea accessible all over the world so below we will focus on 6 of the most popular and well-known ones. Steep yourself and go ahead with a cup of one of them.

  1. Green Tea

There’s no one in the world who doesn’t know what green tea is and its benefits. The prominent tea is known for its cleansing, detoxifying and has the abilities to maintain weight but along with that, there are more kinds than just simple general green tea. There are alternatives like Matcha, Sencha, and fruit infusions in tea, which have their own individual flavors that are slowly gaining popularity. Here we mean, if Matcha green flavor tea ice cream comes in future, you know it’s set to hit recognition.

  1. English Breakfast Tea

The term English breakfast tea is generally used to indicate a tea mix which is originated from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. The British are popular to hold their tea close to their heart and this mixture of English breakfast, which is finding its place at the beginning of the day originated when chai and tea was a traded product.

  1. Jasmine Tea

Just the perfume of jasmine makes for a sweet and delicious smelling tea so you can visualize how refreshing it is in tea. To make this particular jasmine tea, its buds are infused within different types of tea. This hard job takes place over the course of several days when jasmines blossom in a controlled environment to make sure that the flavor is just accurate.