Google Can’t Replace Teachers

Google Can't Replace Teachers

Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President of the country, last week claimed that teachers play an important role in changing the social order and they can by no means be substituted by anything, comprising Google. “No hesitation Google is significant, but it can never substitute the place of teachers in the students’ life,” Naidu claimed to the media in an interview. He further addressed a flock of post-graduate, graduate, and doctorate degree recipients of KIIT University at the 13th Convocation Ceremony here.

Google Can't Replace Teachers

“Hence the candidates must be thankful to their gurus and simultaneously work to serve mother tongue, mother, and motherland.”There is nothing incorrect in studying Hindi, English, or French, (but) candidates must also be skillful in their mother tongue that comes from the core and assists one to show his feeling in a more expressive way,” claimed the Vice President.

He claimed that the firm will nurture when the higher education segment expands. “We are in the era of Privatization, Liberalization, and Globalization. Life has turned out to be very spirited these days. As a result, students must ready themselves for acquiring new knowledge and learning new skills in the modern world,” he further claimed. Hailing the great culture of the country, he claimed there is requirement to go travel back to the roots.

“India has a huge inheritance and you must feel proud as inheritors of the great culture of our country. Being rooted in our culture and unity in diversity are significant for the reliability of our nation,” he claimed. Referring India a land of chances, he claimed that one can get anything with passion and hard work irrespective of one’s backdrop, mentioning the instances of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and previous President late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

S.C. Jamir, Governor of Odisha who also attended the event, counseled students to be accommodating and persistent, work hard, use technology to solve societal issues, and be entrepreneurial and innovative. At the time of the convocation, the University honored 3 eminent personalities—Chairman Emeritus of Simplex Infrastructures Ltd, Bithal Das Mundhra; eminent sculptor Raghunath Mohapatra; and Chairman of Bhartia Charitable Trust, Kishanlal Agarwal.