Apple Is Supposedly Working On rOS For Its Upcoming AR Headset

Apple Is Supposedly Working On rOS For Its Upcoming AR Headset

Apple already has 4 OS (operating systems) in its bionetwork: for tablets or smartphones (iOS), smartwatches (watchOS), PCs (macOS), and TVs (tvOS). Now, a new report sourcing from Bloomberg claims that the company is operating for the next headset gadget on its 5th operating system.

Apple Is Supposedly Working On rOS For Its Upcoming AR Headset

It has been quite a period since the company is rumored to be operating on a headset related to augmented reality. On the other hand, nothing tangible has been unveiled so far. The report says that Apple is aiming to reveal the handset in 2019 and started exporting it from 2020. The handset will be arriving with reality operating system or rOS, which might be supported by iOS. Also cited is that a previous software manager for graphics and games at Apple, Geoff Stahl, is amongst the directors of rOS.

For now, Apple is still finalizing how consumers will launch apps and manage the device. It is seeking for alternatives such as voice-activation, Siri, touch panels, and perhaps head gestures. The company is also prototyping various apps such as messaging to board conference and more. The headset may also have its personal edition of App Store.

Since the company has not still made a headset related to augmented reality of its own, employees are utilizing HTC Vive for trialing reasons. The Cupertino-located tech major is also claimed to be operating on an Oculus Gear VR headset that utilizes an iPhone. The firm, on the other hand, will not be trading the gadget to consumers but will be employing it for interior trials for apps based on augmented reality. Apart from the rOS, the headset might operate a chipset of its own. Apple is allegedly operating in-house on a chip, analogous to what is there in the Apple Watch.

It has been posted that the team for augmented reality is being guided by the former engineer at Dolby Labs, Mike Rockwell. The group is operating on various software and hardware devices and goods below the code name of “T288.” The team is also in charge for ARKit that made its entry in the market earlier this year.

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