Khichdi To Be Promoted As ‘Brand India Food’ At Global Event

Khichdi To Be Promoted As 'Brand India Food' At Global Event

Khichdi To Be Promoted As 'Brand India Food' At Global EventNEW DELHI: Khichdi, is the most delicious and traditional Indian dish which is usually made of lentils, rice, and important Indian spices and it will be soon be endorsed as “Brand India Food” worldwide. The dish will be revealed as an Indian most significant “super food” at the international food show, World Food India, which is being prearranged by the ministry of (FPI) food processing industries along with CII. In a proposal to emphasize on Indian cuisine globally, Great India Food Street will try to form a world record called as “Brand India Khichdi” at the occasion on November 4th, 2017.

Over 900 kg of khichdi will be cooked there LIVE in an attempt to make the world record. An oversize ‘kadhai’ (frying pan) almost 8 feet in diameter and with a capability of 1,100 liters will be utilized for very slow steam food preparation. The most well-known cook Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor, who has been the brand representative of “the Great India Food Avenue” for the almost three-day occasion and he will lead this important show with the help of over 55 helpers.

The khichdi which will be made there will be later circulated to all the ambassadors and other VIP’s present at the Conference. It shall also be circulated to all the heads executives of foreign missions in India with its procedure. “Khichdi is the scrumptious staple food of India and is regarded as the most nutritional and healthiest frequently prepared meal in India. It is eaten across everywhere in the country by the poor as well as rich alike and by all Indians despite of caste, color, creed, , belief or religion,” as stated by the Food Processing Minister called as Harsimrat Kaur Badal.

Brand Indian Food which is now Khichdi symbolizes India’s vast civilization of unity in diversity at its top. Khichdi is a meal that is made in every states of India alike and it binds India together. And what healthier way to send out a memo of unity to the whole world than the Brand Indian traditional food called as  Khichdi.