OPPO Is Leading The Selfie Industry This Way

OPPO Is Leading The Selfie Industry This Way

OPPO Is Leading The Selfie Industry This WayGuiding the pack is always a difficult job but some companies do it with such nonchalance and aplomb that rivalry is left staring. OPPO has been a nonstop leader in the area of selfies, with extraordinary focus on technology of product imaging. As per a report by Nielsen in July 2017, one of the most significant acquiring factors for a handset is a good camera for selfie and the first company that arrives in mind of a consumer is OPPO. Let us take a glance at some other aspects that make OPPO the big dominator of the game for selfie.

With the roll out of the OPPO F5, it additionally makes stronger its place in the market of India. With its newest innovation in AI, OPPO has rolled out one more Selfie Expert that offers natural and real selfies. F5 is the first handset to bring AI in India into selfie feature in addition to the 6 GB RAM and FHD+ full- screen display in its cost section.

With over 200 spots for facial recognition that reference the picture against a worldwide database of human faces to study facial shapes, features, and structures, F5 can differentiate face features of each person from type, skin tone, age, gender, and more. Its natural yet subtle beautification improvements are not “one-for-all.” And here is the most excellent part, the improvements will not be feminine or soft for males, babies, or children and will not receive improvements that make them appear similar to fools. Well if that is not rejoicing individuality then what is!

OPPO these days is without a doubt the choice of youth when it comes to selfie handsets. Over 200 million teens are employing OPPO handsets all over the world. Cricket, Bollywood, Entertainment, Television, and Fashion, OPPO has made sure that it crosses the right chords in its strategy for marketing. Be it on boarding brand icons such as Deepika Padukone and Sidharth Malhotra, or getting linked with the roll out of “Dr. Strange” and “Spiderman: Homecoming,” or associating with “Baahubali,” they are making sure that they are present over all platforms at the correct time.

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