Potato Shortage Causes Shortage of Chips in New Zealand

Potato Shortage Causes Shortage of Chips in New Zealand

The citizens of New Zealand are going through a “chipocalypse” after a potato scarcity caused a crisp predicament. A year of intense rain put a dampener on the countryside’s potato crop, which had a knock-on result on crisp generation. 25% of the crop was wiped out by staid floods, which hit the south and north of the country, and the majority of the potatoes precious were the “crisping” range. The news has actually stressed New Zealanders, with a few posting that they were concerned as they wouldn’t be able to get their preferred snack.

Potato Shortage Causes Shortage of Chips in New Zealand

On the other hand, some of New Zealand’s major retailers have said they are not aware if there will be any problems related to that, as they have excess crisps in store. In spite of there being notes showcased in supermarkets owing to an ordering fault, which helped stoke up fears of potato crisp scarcity, The Foodstuffs’ spokeswoman Antoinette stated, it was dubious the scarcity would definitely affect her stores in the coming future. “An additional fact has come to light these days. It turns out the stockpile sign was mistaken. Their problem was in fact due to an ordering mistake. “We actually hold several products in our distribution centers and so we aren’t having shortage at this stage.”We function and work with our supplier group of people to manage any production and demand issues.

The cultivator community is highlighting a probable future potato scarcity owing to the bad weather conditions we’ve had this time. “This has not affected our production as yet, and we are functioning and working with our suppliers to reduce any probable contact,” a representative for a different retailer, Countdown, said their dealers will be less potato crisps provided in upcoming months owing to the scarcity. He stated, “Our dealers have said that there could be less amount of potato chips supplied in the coming future; on the other hand, we will function and work directly with our dealers to run this.” There is no blow on frozen and fresh potatoes, or other snacking items.

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