Prehistoric Coin found at Tower of David in Jerusalem

Our ancestors have done loads of trading activities and have established their own financial system. Thus as the earth isn’t stable in place, every human has a duration in its present and remembrance in the history. With these memories, they have left their history marks in terms of ancient monuments, coins, artefacts, and many other ancient things. And these ancient stuff are found under the earth by the most curious animals named as humans.

An antique coin has been discovered from the period of of King Antiochus IV Epiphanes, which is related to the Hanukkah at Tower of David in Jerusalem.

The place where coin was found is a medieval citadel located near Jaffa Gate of Jerusalem. The reason of finding these ancient items is due to the citadel construction on remains of ancient historical land, which is also a World Heritage site.

The archaeologist realized that the coin was made up of bronze, and was in use during the supremacy of Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 2nd century BC. There is an engraving of King Antiochus depiction while the other side shows a goddess draped in a scarf.

This vintage coin was discovered during conservation work carried in the tower. During work, the Tower of David’s chief officer Orna Cohen came across a metallic thing flashing through the stoned wall.

According to David museum, the specific date cannot be predicted but it can be affirmed that the minting of the coins were done in the city of Acre. Approximately, the date of minting should be in between 168 to 172 BC.

However, this isn’t the first discovery in the Tower of David, iron arrowheads and ancient missile launchers stones were also excavated from the same tower.