Nokia Expects Boost in Sales Post Patent Ruling

Nokia Expects Boost in Sales Post Patent Ruling

Nokia will began to book more income from the present quarter post a ruling by an negotiation court on payments from LG Electronics of South Korea for utilizing its patents on smartphone.

The Finnish firm claimed that it might also get a one-off imbursement, even though it did not reveal any of the numbers comprised. The firms had begun the negotiation in 2015. “We think that this award verifies the quality of patent portfolio of Nokia. We carry on seeing potential for more licensing chances,” claimed Maria Varsellona, the Chief Legal Officer of Nokia, to the media in a statement.

Nokia Expects Boost in Sales Post Patent Ruling

The ruling was carried out by the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce. Nokia has lately inked deals with bigger phone producers such as Apple and Samsung Electronics, as well as Xiaomi Technology of China. The patent unit of Nokia had trades of 616 Million Euros (almost $734 Million) in the initial half of the year. This is just 6% of the total revenue of the group. On the other hand, licensing payments are extremely profitable while core business of Nokia, the telecom networks, is suffering an industry-wide bend.

“Nokia has been faster than anticipated to clinch contracts in the patent segment. The subsequent attractive scalp will be Huawei,” claimed Mikael Rautanen, the industry analyst, to the media in an interview with a “build up” rating on the share. He claimed, on the other hand, that the income of the LG contract will be obviously smaller than that from the Apple deal, which he expected to bring almost 250 Million Euros (almost $298 million) yearly. Stocks in the company jumped by 0.6% last week.

Nokia in 2014 traded its once-leading smartphone business to Microsoft but retained its catalogue of patent wrapping technology that lowers the requirement for hardware elements in a phone, saves life of the battery, and elevates radio reception, in the middle of other features. LG has a worldwide market share of almost 4% in handsets, as per the report from a research firm.

Well let us see if the expectations of Nokia will be true or not.

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