Google Releases Developer Preview 4 For Android O

Google Releases Developer Preview 4 For Android O

Google has rolled sample 4 of Android O for developers. This will allow them finish their app testing and development on time utilizing the latest optimizations and bug fixes, final system behaviors, and the final (APIs) Application Planning Interface.

The developer Android O preview 4 also arrives alongside the steady variant of the Android 26.0.0 Support Library. The firm has also rolled out a new variant of Android Testing Support Library that comprises features such as Multiprocess Espresso, Android Test Orchestrator, and more.

Google Releases Developer Preview 4 For Android O

“At present, Android O preview 4 offers you an outstanding approach to test your present apps on the close-final variant of Android O. By testing it currently, you can ensure your app provides the experience you wish as users commence to upgrade to the authorized Android O platform,” claimed Vice President of engineering of Android, Dave Burke, to the media in an interview.

“Having Android O, users are expecting features such as shortcut pinning, notification dots and channels, auto fill, picture-in-picture, and some more. These features might also assist rise engagement with your app as more customers update to Android O in due course,” he further added to the media.

He also cited that the developer Android O preview 4 will be the final preview variant prior to the roll out of the stable, final variant of Android O for users. He did not disclose the precise date of the roll out yet.

Those who have previously enrolled for the Android Beta Program will receive the developer preview 4 for Android O in coming couple of days. Interested consumers can do so by giving a visit to the website of Android Beta.

Some early bird adopters of the latest version of the operating system have also located an Easter egg, which displays an Octopus. The “Octopus” present in the Easter egg is being accredited to the complete shape of Android O. There is yet no confirmed word as to what the complete shape of Android O will be and what the official logo will be.

For now, all we can do is expect the completion of apps for the beta version and roll out the new OS soon.