How Creepy To Have An Extra Robotic Thumb?

How Creepy To Have An Extra Robotic Thumb?

The people around the globe are getting tech-savvy looking at the advancement in the field of technology. The researchers and young students are developing devices that even the medical professionals are amazed looking at its functionality and operation.

Lately, a student named Dani Clode from Royal College of Art has created a prosthetic thumb as an extension rather than a replacement or fixation. Dani has named the prosthetics as the “Third Thumb.” She has developed the extra robotic thumb not for the medical purpose but just as an addition. The new thumb adds an extra thumb near the pinkie finger without any need for a replacement of the existing fingers.

How Creepy To Have An Extra Robotic Thumb?

How does the extra thumb work? The Third Thumb is like wearing a hand glove. This prosthetic has two motors such that one sets the thumb in motion through the feet. We know what everyone is thinking, “how is that possible?” It is made possible by the sensors that can be attached to the toes and once pushed via the Bluetooth they help the thumb to expand and contract accordingly.

The robotic thumb is made using flexible plastic filament and the 3D printing technology. The parts of the prosthetics are connected using the bowden cable system. It looks exactly similar to that of a bike brake. The thumb can be used to play guitar, build blocks, use iPad, run over the hair, and other purposes. Though it might look creepy, it still can be used to carry out some unique activities. It can also be used as a watch or a power tool. What’s more amazing is that how about using it as an aesthetic such as a tattoo. The utility list can be endless.

The idea behind the development is to make the people aware how a catalyst such as a human extension can be accessed in the society. The Third Thumb can be used to extend ability and not to replace disability. The technology helps build tools as a way of expression to the society and change their perspective towards advancement. The creepy Third Thumb can change the societies approach in the coming years.

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