BSIV Compliant Trucks Rolled out by Tata Motors in Tamil Nadu

BSIV Compliant Trucks Rolled out by Tata Motors in Tamil Nadu

After the implementation of emission law in terms of discontinuation of BSIII, every automaker tried to reduce the loss by offering huge discount on the vehicle price.

India’s largest commercial automaker—Tata Motors—after the ban, has finally introduced its BSIV compliant medium and heavy duty truck. These trucks will be equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technologies. Tata rolled out this BSIV heavy trucks in Tamil Nadu, India.

BSIV Compliant Trucks Rolled out by Tata Motors in Tamil Nadu

The organization has idealized both advances for its more extensive scope of commercial vehicles from SCVs to HCVs according to technical appropriateness to meet the actualized emission standard founded by the Center, according to a release. More than 20 models of BSIV trucks were on the display at Truck World in Salem last week, for the advantages of transporters.

The trucks will be equipped with Cummins-made BSIV engines that will serve the range of Tata Motor’s platform-based 16T to 49T tractor trailers with the power generation capacity ranging between 130 HP–400 HP.

Tata Motors is the only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to present both EGR and SCR innovations for its whole range of business vehicles, including MHCV, according to specialized and application suitability. With the innovation SCR technology, Tata Motors also has the capacity to create upcoming emanation amenable products in coming period.

Rajesh Kaul, Head, Sales and Marketing, Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle said, “In the course of the most recent six decades we at Tata Motors have motivated innovation moves in the medium and heavy trucking segment, having future based solution and products created modern items that can be revolutionary relative.

“Though, from being the market pioneer in business vehicles in India, Tata Motors has been trading its products to nations like Australia, Russia, South, Europe, Latin America, and East Asia, where emission standards are lot more superior as compared to India, with Tata Motors’ vehicles presently meeting Euro IV and Euro V controls,” Kaul said.

Looking at the auto giant’s strategies related to BSIV complaint vehicle launching, it seems it has planned something huge for the transporters and for the automobile market in India.