Flying water car prototype revealed by French Startup and it’s working

Where the world on the other side is curiously building and testing its autonomous technologies, some players are playing a totally different game. A French company named as SeaBubbles has recently raised a funding of $10.8 Million to craft a flying water car. It recalls a scenario from the James Bond Movie, right guys? In addition, the boats are already created and will be rolled out soon at one of the technology conference in the coming month.

There’s no doubt in the fact that flying water car sounds more pleasing than electric cars, but again arises a question based on the actuality of preference towards buying a boat that isn’t affordable for the average consumer.

SeaBubble decided to change the experience of the water-based expedition and voyages in 2016. Getting more deeply into the operational functionality of the machine, the company developed car-structured river shuttle boat that is equipped with hydrofoils. The technology enables the boat to rise on the water waves. It is projected that these flying boats, post official launch, will be rolled out first in locations where waterways are first prioritized in terms of transportation medium.

Flying water cars will fly some inches above the still water, which will deliver a frictionless experience for the commuters. It still needs to be seen that how the machine performs on the grounds of heavy winds. The company anticipates witnessing over dozens of flying cars in the summer of 2017 over the Siene.


The company sees the development as a potential mode that can be used as on-demand ferry shuttles. It would be great to say how the boats will look while flying and testing, as it is the concept that no one ever thought about practically.

SeaBubbles now plans to expand its reach in the international markets. It projects to bring flying water cars to the potential regions such as Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United states in the coming period.

As a conclusion, we cannot deny the fact that we are breathing in such period where at every quarter there is a technological advancement and innovative concepts that constantly keep knocking the doors of opportunities.