Accenture and Apple Team up on iPhone and iPad Apps

Accenture and Apple Team up on iPhone and iPad Apps

Apple Inc., the technology company, and Accenture PLC, the professional services company, this week claimed that they will join forces to assist companies build improved apps for iOS, the operating system that fuels iPad and iPhone of Apple.

Accenture assists huge firms adopt new technology and write new software. The firm will make special groups devoted to assisting its users and write iOS apps. Its users comprise retailers and banks. Apple workers, comprising user-interface designers and software engineers, will work next to Accenture employees in the groups.

Accenture and Apple Team up on iPhone and iPad Apps

The first combined team will be based in San Francisco. This data was given by Senior Managing Director of ecosystem and technology at Accenture, Gene Reznik, to the media. The firms did not state how many joint Apple–Accenture groups will ultimately exist. But the engineering groups will aim on apps that are utilized by front-line consumers and workers, such as apps that operate for the lobbies on iPads of retail banks, where a customer and a teller may both interrelate with the app.

“If you view at something such as retail banking, you can picture really redeveloping the apps and emerging with an exclusive viewpoint on how agents can interrelate with their users,” Reznik claimed. Reznik claimed that one more focus will be alleged augmented reality, in which digital substances float on a screen over real objects. That technology might be helpful to service employees in the field, for instance, by pointing an iPad or iPhone at an engine and underlying a faulty unit that requires repair.

For Apple, the joint venture is fraction of a sustained push to succeed over business clients and make an attempt to bang Microsoft Corp. from its lasting throne in the corporate world as the default OS. To that end, the Cupertino-based giant has made joint ventures with Cisco Systems Inc., International Business Machines Corp., SAP SE, and Deloitte planned at shifting more business apps over to iOS gadgets and making them simpler in corporate settings to use. Apple has also shifted to make iOS more helpful in business circumstances, particularly on the iPad.

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