App of the Day: Skype

December 22, 2016 ankit 0

Online communication platform was one of the important revolutionary developments in the decade. It has changed the mode of verbal and written communication based on […]

App of the Day: Prisma

December 20, 2016 ankit 0

The art form is developed through a source of imagination, illusion, and the ambiance. The patiently created art turns into a masterpiece with a touch of […]

App of the day: WhatsApp

December 19, 2016 vaibhav 0

In today’s era, you will hardly meet anyone who is not using WhatsApp. WhatsApp, the trending and leading messaging app, has gained popularity all over […]

App of the Day: Instagram

December 16, 2016 ankit 0

The day when mobile phones started turning smarter, the features were automatically needed to be smartest in the form of application. In early days, sharing […]