Now, Gujarat Bans Padmavati Movie, Chief Minister of Gujarat Says “Foul Play With Our Traditions”

After in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, a 3rd BJP-governed state, Gujarat, which now prefers and chooses its current management and government next month, has completely banned the movie “Padmavati.” The movie is directed by the famous film maker, Sanjay Leela Bhanshali. The movie also stars: Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor are in the lead roles.

Now, Gujarat Bans Padmavati Movie, Chief Minister of Gujarat Says "Foul Play With Our Traditions"

The chief minister of the Gujarat state called as Vijay Rupani stated, “The government and management of Gujarat will not allow and permit ‘Padmavati’ – as this particular movie will certainly hurt the sentiments, tradition and culture of Rajputs – if it gets released in the state. We can’t allow and permit our times past and history to be imprecise. We have complete faith and we believe in freedom of expression and speech but any kind of foul play with our pure and great ethnicity will not be accepted in any kind of circumstances.” Gujarat is in the middle of an antagonistic election battle among the BJP and Congress, which has governed and managed it for around 23 years.

“Padmavati”, made for 195 Crore, has aggravated several protests from few groups which is led by the Karni Sena, who states that Rani Padmini, the 13th-century queen was the most graceful Rajput warrior queen; she is criticized in the motion picture as it suggests a romantic relationship between her and sultan Alauddin Khilji, who is based in Delhi. After her husband was killed and murdered in battle ground, Queen Padmini had set herself on fire to stay away from being taken imprisoned by Sultan Khilji, who was gripped with her charm and beauty.

“Padmavati” stars Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor in the main role and is directed by the famous and most talented film maker – Mr. Bhansali, who has stated the film does not “misrepresent our history” or allude to a love tale between the Sultan Khilji and queen Padmini. Both Ms Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhanshali have been given a strict state security after the leader Karni Sena and other political leaders threatened them with aggression.


What Will Be The Future Of Telecom Industry In India?

As you make an entrance in the 1st-floor offices of Reliance Industries in Mumbai’s Nariman Point at Maker Chamber IV, you are welcomed by a group of pics on the wall. Most are related to the different industries the company is into. Refining, petrochemicals, and energy security are the leading themes. On the other hand, there is no pic that represents Jio, latest and perhaps the largest strategy of Reliance in telecom. Or, perhaps there is.

In the center, right on top of the receptionist is a pic of happy school kids rushing out. This is a scene from one of the many schools run by Reliance Foundation. It might be figurative of “watch ’em grow and catch ’em young” market that Jio imagines in demographic dividend of India.

What Will Be The Future Of Telecom Industry In India?

Well-capitalized by refining and petrochem earnings, Reliance has by now spent in Jio more than Rs 2 Lakh Crore and will carry on to invest in the range of Rs 7,000 Crore and Rs 10,000 Crore each quarter. The firm is often named as the bada bhai (elder brother) or the bada babu (top honcho) for hastening the usual consolidation in the telecom sector of India.

The consolidation ignited by entry of Jio in September 2016 has already obtained obvious contours with only 3 large players of private sector namely Idea-Vodafone merged entity, Bharti-Airtel, and Reliance Jio. In addition to them, there is the public sector player left standing namely BSNL-MTNL. The rest have descended or eaten up by one of these.

Tata Teleservices, Aircel, and Anil Ambani-controlled Reliance Communications are anticipated to either amalgamate into one of the bigger entities or endure as niche companies. But is this sufficient for the sector or will the unavoidable manpower and asset rationalization bring in additional pain? With incomes moving south across sector, the industry is dreadfully looking for some answers.

MD and co-head of India investment banking at BofAML (Bank of America Merrill Lynch), Raja Balakrishnan, thinks that this is a stage of normalization for the telecom industry of India. BofAML has been a consultant in the merger of Idea and Vodafone in March as well as in the trade of their tower property to ATC (American Towers Company) lately.


Government To Permit E-Payments For Charging Electric Cars

The government will permit electric vehicle consumers to pay for charging of their electric cars via digital methods, comprising Bharat QR code and BHIM app. The government has agreed to recommendations of a board (Committee for Standardization of the Protocol for Charging Infrastructure) for this matter. In its report, the panel also debated over uniform measures for charging stations of electric vehicles in India, which will allow electric cars of all types by various producers to be charged at several stations.

Government To Permit E-Payments For Charging Electric Cars

“The users require being to be billed for the charging and transaction requires to be carried out. There are various alternatives, comprising debiting the account of the user on the basis of vehicle identification number (VIN),” claimed the report. “Direct debiting the money for consumer’s equipment on the basis of VIN will be accepted. Alternately, a mobile app will be made, which permits a consumer to charge using Bharat QR code or BHIM or other digital transaction plans specified by Government of Indian. This will be used both for direct current (DC) as well as alternating current (AC) chargers,” the board recommended in the report.

The board has suggested that metering must be carried out as per units used for charging every car, in addition to a grid approachable billing. As soon as the charging ends, the connector will be rolled only after successful transaction acknowledgement or receipt is obtained, recommended the board. The expert board also made a case for installing huge charging infrastructure for electric cars, since the government aims antagonistic acceptance of electric vehicles in the country as a substitute clean energy mean of transport to verify pollution.

The government has thought about the suggestions made by the group and has accepted the report on Bharat Public EV Charger Specifications. The panel, which had sought answers from a range of stakeholders, received answers that open protocol must be permitted with investments or private partnership. It, on the other hand, claimed that open protocol is not wanted as standardization of charging infrastructure is essential.

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Sprint To Provide Free Service Of Hulu In An Attempt To Vie With Rivals

Sprint Corp. will provide free subscriptions to its limitless data plan users of Hulu LLC, the streaming service, the companies claimed this week to the media. This marked the latest decision by a U.S. wireless provider to pack content with mobile facilities.

Under the deal, unlimited plan of Sprint, having a price tag of $60 each month for a sole line, will wrap $7.99 per month basic subscription of Hulu. The 4th largest wireless provider in the U.S. is also operating on plans to provide $39.99 live TV streaming service of Hulu to users in 2018, possibly at a discounted cost, claimed senior vice president at Sprint for marketing, Allan Samson, to the media in an interview.

The U.S. wireless providers are looking for methods to offer content to win over users in a flooded market. In September 2017, T-Mobile US Inc. claimed that it will provide free subscriptions to Netflix Inc. with its limitless data family packs. AT&T Inc., which is in the procedure of purchasing Time Warner Inc for $85.4 Billion, has already began packing HBO, the premium channel, with wireless amenities. Previously this year, Sprint experimented a promotion with Sling TV, the streaming service of Dish Network Corp., in Atlanta and Chicago.

Sprint has been amid a turnaround strategy to shore up cash and cut costs. The carrier claimed previously this month that it concluded merger discussions with T-Mobile since Masayoshi Son, the Chairman of Sprint, was not ready to give up control of the firm. The deal with Hulu offers Sprint an extra perk to provide users as it plans for a future as a separate firm. Users are employing their mobile handsets to stream additional video, and providing Hulu assists Sprint distinguish its service, Samson claimed to the media.

“We do not essentially believe you have to possess the content,” he claimed. “What we have to achieve is have great associations where we can tactically put it within our pack.” The joint venture also allows Hulu, whose service is chiefly inclined toward teen audiences, to have a share in user revenue as well as reach broader user base of Sprint comprising families, the companies claimed.


Agra University Publishes Mark Sheet With Actor Salman Khan’s Photo Is Trending Today

In an evident incident of organizational leniency, The University of Agra released a mark sheet of a 1st year (BA) Bachelor of Arts student with the mega Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s picture.

According to a report, this outrageous and shocking episode came into focus when the University of Dr B. R. Ambedkar (formerly known as the University of Agra) officials were crosschecking the mark sheets of each student before distributing it. According to the recent report, the mark sheet is stick with a passport-sized photo pasted on the mark sheet of the Dabang Hero with the name of the particular student who scored cumulative of around 35% in his first year degree exam. An administrator said the publication that they found a number of other mark sheets too with inconsistency, which includes a picture of Congress VP Rahul Gandhi.

Agra University Publishes Mark Actor Salman Khan's Photo Is Trending Today

The report also stated that all those students whose mark sheet got the picture of the Bollywood celebrity belong to the Amrata Singh Memorial College, Tejpur Java, located at Aligarh, which is affiliated from the Agra University. This inconsistency comes to the fore scarcely a fortnight prior to Ram Nath Kovind (President of India) is probable to visit the Agra University to be the integral part of its convocation ceremonial. The Agra University is scheduled to organize its convocation ceremonial on December 3. After the event came into the focus, the Agra University authorities instantly called back the mark sheet and corrected it to keep away from further humiliation. However, the public relation bureaucrat G S Sharma from the Agra University stated that the varsity has not received any criticism or complain from anyone in this issue.

The Agra University provides to the educational requirement of the 7 districts of Agra distribution of the state Uttar Pradesh: Agra, Mainpuri, Aligarh, Firozabad, Hathras, Mathura and Etah. Earlier in the month of May this year, in an evident hoax, few admit cards with Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan’s name and image appeared on the official site of the (SSC) Staff Selection Commission for students who took a (non-technical) multi-tasking staff test. The star, apparently, did not sit for the examination that was taken place in Jaipur in the month of April.

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There’s More To Tea Than Just About Green And Black

For all the Tea lovers, there’s a lot more for you to find out than just green tea and black tea.

As diehard tea or chai drinkers, we’re well familiar with tea. We all are aware about the spices we prefer to add to the brew and we know the exact amount of milk we like to pour in our cup of tea. But even though we think we’re the best tea experts, there’s a lot more to tea than just a simple strong milky tea or chai. There are different kinds of tea accessible all over the world so below we will focus on 6 of the most popular and well-known ones. Steep yourself and go ahead with a cup of one of them.

  1. Green Tea

There’s no one in the world who doesn’t know what green tea is and its benefits. The prominent tea is known for its cleansing, detoxifying and has the abilities to maintain weight but along with that, there are more kinds than just simple general green tea. There are alternatives like Matcha, Sencha, and fruit infusions in tea, which have their own individual flavors that are slowly gaining popularity. Here we mean, if Matcha green flavor tea ice cream comes in future, you know it’s set to hit recognition.

  1. English Breakfast Tea

The term English breakfast tea is generally used to indicate a tea mix which is originated from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. The British are popular to hold their tea close to their heart and this mixture of English breakfast, which is finding its place at the beginning of the day originated when chai and tea was a traded product.

  1. Jasmine Tea

Just the perfume of jasmine makes for a sweet and delicious smelling tea so you can visualize how refreshing it is in tea. To make this particular jasmine tea, its buds are infused within different types of tea. This hard job takes place over the course of several days when jasmines blossom in a controlled environment to make sure that the flavor is just accurate.


Audible By Amazon To Soon Roll Out In India

In a little while you can hear to your favorite book on the move. Amazon is all geared up to transport its entertainment and audio-book service, Audible, early next year to India and has began beta trial here, sources well known of the issue claimed to the media in an interview. Amazon, which has rolled out worldwide goods such as Alexa and Prime, is piloting the facility amongst its workers on the inside and needs to launch it out on a large scale in next 3–4 Months. Internationally, Amazon has synced the service of Audible to Kindle.

Audible By Amazon To Soon Roll Out In India

Obtained by Amazon for $300 Million in 2008, Audible trades radio, digital audio-books, and TV programs as well as audio editions of newspapers and magazines comprising The New York Times.

Amazon has made a selected bunch of audio books comprising top classics and sellers for its interior team here. Insiders claimed that Internet giant will elevate the service below the Audible in the course of launching in India. In the U.S., Audible is associated with no cost for Prime consumers while non-Prime consumers can benefit the same for around $7 each month. The US e-tailer has not made a decision as to how much it will charge for Audible to the users in India. Going by the preliminary cost for Amazon Prime over 1 Year back, the online retailer might provide Audible at a lower price in comparison to the U.S. here.

Amazon Prime is traded for almost Rs 6,000 each year and it was rolled out in India for Rs 499 each year. The firm lately increased its cost to Rs 999 each year. When made a contact to a spokesperson at Amazon, he claimed in an e-mailed answer, “We are always seeking to carry on to improve our services in support of our worldwide user base. As in the history, we do not speak about new services and products until they are obtainable, but please stay tuned!”

Amazon’s decision to transport Audible is not astonishing given the aim on India. International business of Amazon for the previous quarter increased to around $1 Billion due to sustained investments in India.

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Google Can’t Replace Teachers

Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President of the country, last week claimed that teachers play an important role in changing the social order and they can by no means be substituted by anything, comprising Google. “No hesitation Google is significant, but it can never substitute the place of teachers in the students’ life,” Naidu claimed to the media in an interview. He further addressed a flock of post-graduate, graduate, and doctorate degree recipients of KIIT University at the 13th Convocation Ceremony here.

Google Can't Replace Teachers

“Hence the candidates must be thankful to their gurus and simultaneously work to serve mother tongue, mother, and motherland.”There is nothing incorrect in studying Hindi, English, or French, (but) candidates must also be skillful in their mother tongue that comes from the core and assists one to show his feeling in a more expressive way,” claimed the Vice President.

He claimed that the firm will nurture when the higher education segment expands. “We are in the era of Privatization, Liberalization, and Globalization. Life has turned out to be very spirited these days. As a result, students must ready themselves for acquiring new knowledge and learning new skills in the modern world,” he further claimed. Hailing the great culture of the country, he claimed there is requirement to go travel back to the roots.

“India has a huge inheritance and you must feel proud as inheritors of the great culture of our country. Being rooted in our culture and unity in diversity are significant for the reliability of our nation,” he claimed. Referring India a land of chances, he claimed that one can get anything with passion and hard work irrespective of one’s backdrop, mentioning the instances of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and previous President late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

S.C. Jamir, Governor of Odisha who also attended the event, counseled students to be accommodating and persistent, work hard, use technology to solve societal issues, and be entrepreneurial and innovative. At the time of the convocation, the University honored 3 eminent personalities—Chairman Emeritus of Simplex Infrastructures Ltd, Bithal Das Mundhra; eminent sculptor Raghunath Mohapatra; and Chairman of Bhartia Charitable Trust, Kishanlal Agarwal.

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Meet The Most Powerful Sikh Republican Of California Who Is Battling Google For Stifling “Free Speech”

The first Indian American voted to the Republican National Committee, in 2016 Harmeet Dhillon covered her head and sang a Sikh prayer with assurance at the Republican gathering in Ohio. This brought her in limelight. Let us here something from her own mouth.

Meet The Most Powerful Sikh Republican

Are we reaching a boiling point when it comes to the free-speech debate?

Well, no. When I was in college 30 years ago I was in a running battle with the administration over free-speech issues on campus. There were constant disputes, without the [recent] addition of the violent left. We didn’t have gangs of masked criminals and domestic terrorists attacking people in the streets like we do in Berkeley today.

What we have today is a very liberal political leadership in some cities on the West coast, Portland, Berkeley, some others, that don’t want to be seen as politically incorrect, and they don’t do their basic job of law enforcement. Violent suppression of speech should not be tolerated on any side.

Let’s step back a little. These two words—liberal and conservative—are thrown around a lot, often without much clarity. How would you define these words today?

I consider myself a classical liberal with a small ‘l’. I believe in the rights of the individual and that people are responsible for their own actions and not for some collective good or what have you.

What capital ‘L’ Liberal means today is socialism, in California and some other parts of the country it means illegal immigration, AKA open-door immigration. It means the rights of criminals are elevated over the rights of law-abiding citizens. It means that the government should steal from the rich and give it to the poor, basically.

Conservatives today are what I consider to be the classical liberals. They believe that people should be responsible for their own actions by and large. That the role of the government in our lives should be very limited to the essential aspects that are required to maintain physical order and perform basic functions. Water, clean air to a certain extent, roads, close the borders, make sure people are protected from crime. Beyond that the government has a limited role in regulating things, controlling our speech, telling us what to do with our own property, etc.

Increasingly, here in California, which is very liberal, taxes keep going up on the successful people. Business owners like me have to deal with more and more regulations. Half the state doesn’t pay taxes. People like you and me who follow the law are at the back of the line. I have clients who are here with an H1B visa, they’d like to get their green card, and they’ve been waiting in the queue for seven years. But if you just cross the border illegally, you can have DACA and all the rights of citizenship. So we have a really fractured society in that regard.

You spoke of regulation. The Bay Area, especially the tech industry, is right at the heart of the debate around regulation in business.

The government has a role to make sure citizens aren’t cheated. Having the corporate form is a privilege granted by the state, separate from, say, my right to bear arms or own property, which are natural rights enshrined in our Constitution. If the government gives you some rights, it can also impose some restrictions. You can’t lie or sell security under false pretences. You can’t limit the right of citizens to challenge your illegal activities by various clauses in your contract …

Regulation of new-fangled businesses is a hot-button topic in India as well… In your country, it’s a fairly new regime. Just 20 years ago, it was a semi-socialist country. Now it is so-called capitalist without the regulatory framework to keep people honest. Frankly, there is a whole culture of dishonesty in India. That’s the reason my parents left India. They didn’t want to bribe someone to get a telephone.

In the US, we do have examples of dishonest behavior but they are not tolerated. Any little guy can find a lawyer and sue a company and hold it accountable. So you do have an Enron or an Equifax. Equifax made a mistake but then it covered up, and the board profited from it. I don’t think the company is going to be around in six months, frankly.

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Now You Will Have To Make An Impression On A Machine To Get Hired

Picture you are seeking for a new job. You smarten up your resume, send it to the firms that you have selected, and then keenly wait for a reply. Will the employers like your resume? Will they just look through it and make a decision that you are not a correct fit for the job? Or will it make an impression on them and play in your favor?

Impression On A Machine To Get Hired

If you think you are aware of how to make an impression on a prospective boss via a resume, you require to know more. This time you may have to make an impression on a machine in its place—the latest inclusion to the firm, a bot.

The intelligent computer programs, or bots, are taking under the job of looking through resumes, carrying out the first-level of employing, making a decision as to which candidates are appropriate for the task at hand, and also carrying out the first-phase of interviews with applicants.

An unbelievable though just a couple of years back, it is an actuality now, at least in part in most of the firms in the country. Embracing the era of AI, firms have began utilizing it widely to enhance effectiveness at place of work like never before.

Firms have been utilizing bots such as Amber, JLT, and Jinie to assist with jobs such as setting reminders, scheduling dates, and managing pays cuts, time off, and so on. Bots such as Dino and Engazify also track conversations of employee to increase workplace satisfaction and make stronger team work.

Now, firms have began to utilize these bots to also carry out the primary stages of employing. “Engaging bots in functionalities of HR will completely modify the process of hiring,” claims co-Founder of HR solutions company PeopleStrong, Shelly Singh, to the media in an interview. Showing her point, many HR solutions firms such as CIEL have already began utilizing bots to make lists of candidate on the basis of requirements of users and to also contact them straightly with some basic questions for additional assessment.

Well, now you have to work hard to impress a machine though.