Sharing photos, notes, and calendars with family made easier by Google

Day-by-day Google is just adding new features to its several applications providing better options and ease of use to its users. With one more addition to the list of features, the company is trying to make sharing of photos and others stuff with family member easier. Yes, recently the company declared about the “family group” feature, which will make the sharing of notes, content subscriptions, and picture simple.

In order to make a family group, all you need to do is open the Google family page. If you have used Google Play Family Library’s YouTube TV, then you may already have a family. If not, then the one who wishes to create can do it from there. Google Photos and Keep are incorporated by default, but no need to worry as nothing is shared automatically. The provided service just offers a link to share photos or notes with the other fellows of the family group. However, some setup is needed for Play Music family plans, Google Calendar, Google Play Family Library, YouTube TV, and Family Link.

Up to 6 members are allowed in the family groups, with the administrative duties given to the manager. Thus, the managers can alter the methods of payment, Disallow/allow specific services for a specific member, and keep an eye on accounts of those under 13 years old. Such privileges are not granted to the “parent” accounts, even though they can deny or approve purchase requests and do other restriction transforms.

This feature will work based on the type of service used. For instance, in YouTube TV, up to 6 members can have their own cloud DVR with unrestricted storage. Google Keep and Google Calendar lets the users share notes and calendars with their family members, respectively. And also now the users can send videos and photos to their family group via Google Photos.

What the users should note is that they can be, at a given time, part of only one group. The family sharing for Google Keep, Google Photos, and Google Calendar has been launched in Brazil, Germany, Japan, Russia, the United States, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and France.

So, what are you waiting for, start sharing with Google Photos?

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Indian IT Industry To Face extensive Job Cuts phase

IT companies in India employ almost 40 Lakh people candidly. And we can consider them as one of the reasons the Indian economy is comparatively flourishing. However, this was the trend earlier and it appears to be changed since last week. According to the new trend, it seems that half of the workforce would be superfluous in the coming future. This is not I’m just flaunting about…! It is the signs that are seen since few days.

Cognizant, one of the giants in the tech world, declared a voluntary separation program last week for directors, senior VPs, and associate VPs, and around 1,000 executives are anticipated to attend the program. Although being in the list of top performers in the IT industry, the company is expected to sooner or later dissolve 6,000 jobs. One of the Cognizant HR managers even called this as a bloodbath.

Furthermore, Wipro took a decision to lay off 500 employees last week just after the so-called rigorous performance appraisal thing. Just a lame excuse to do the job cuttings…! Moreover, there are probably more of these to be seen in the coming period that too at escalating intervals. Obvious reaction to this nugatory explanation was seen; one of the Wipro engineers who was a victim of this rigorous performance appraisal thing had one practical and valid point—Overnight the company discovered that we aren’t up to the standard?

The Trump administration saying buy American, hire American has negatively impacted the huge IT services companies specifically in India. All the tech giants are now busy laying off their employees on a “never-seen-before” scale. The majority of the victims come the under the mid and senior level groups and also the ones with 10 to 20 years of experience as they are the ones with very high packages.

Indian IT industry supposedly makes nearly $60 Billion per annum from the US market, thus furnishing a wide range of services to the leading American firms. H1B visas are momentary visas issued by the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) to temporary workers. Though H1B visas are amid the most demanded among the US work visas, merely 85,000 H1B visas, comprising 20,000 for students, are issued every year.

Well, the overall situation in the Indian IT industry is an unexpected surprise, which indirectly the Trump administration has given. There is still a lot more to be faced by the IT industry. Do you think there will be a solution to this dilemma?

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Automated Robotic Drill Set To Save Surgical Time

Looking at the current time-consuming scenarios taking place in the operation theaters, the scientists from the University of Utah have developed an automated robotic drill machine that will help the surgeons save a lot of time. The new technology reduces the time spent on the procedures from two hours to about two and a half minutes that is normally required during the complex surgical procedures.

Automated Robotic Drill Set To Save Surgical Time

According to William Couldwell, a neurosurgeon, AK Balaji and a group of other researchers are behind this hobbyhorse. Using the robot-aided drill the doctors can reduce the human error risk rate, infection risk, surgical expenditure, and also the time required by making a fast; precise; clean; and safe drill, cut, or opening during the surgery. It is considered to be 50% faster than the conventional and standard hand-used procedures, which are not only complex but also risky in terms of infection and sanitary conditions.

The automated robotic technology has built-in software that helps the machine perform its task with great precision and accuracy. The software is programmed further based on the information obtained from the CT scan of the patients. In addition to this, the other major dynamics such as the important and sensitive nerve points as well as the major arteries and the veins and the bone information are also taken into consideration by the device software.

The use of the robotic drill was firstly executed during a translabyrinthine surgery in which the slow-growing benign tumors, present in the ear’s auditory nerves, are exposed for carrying out the further processes. The use of this technology helps cut down the risk of damaging the highly sensitive areas such as the venous sinus veins and facial nerves. In case if the device comes in contact with the sensitive areas or observes any irritation during the specific task, then it shuts down automatically as it has an emergency shut-off switch feature present.

The robotic drill is anticipated to have applications in various other surgical processes in the near future. For now, let’s wait and watch until the product becomes commercial and do stay tuned in for the latest updates.



Indian Army Effectively Test-Fires Brahmos

The Indian Army effectively test-fired the superior variant of the land attack cruise missile BrahMos in the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar. An authorized declaration said the test-fire re-authenticated “the alarming precision of weapon and its capability to strike”.

Before we move further, here are some features of BrahMos:

Indian Army Effectively Test-Fires Brahmos


Mach 2.8–Mach 3

3,400–3,700 km/h

2,100–2,300 mph

0.95–1.0 km/s

Operational range:

450 km (To be updated to 600 km)

280 mi (To be updated to 370 mi)

240 nmi (To be updated to 320 nmi)

Unit cost:

$2.73 Million

Launch platform:



Land-based mobile launchers

Aircraft (under testing)


3,000 kg

6,600 lb

Air-launched weight:

2,500 kg

5,500 lb


BrahMos Aerospace Limited

Used by:

Indian Navy

Indian Army

Indian Air Force

“The configuration of BrahMos Block – III for land-to-land was rolled out from a mobile autonomous launcher (MAL) for its entire range as well as demonstrating the unmatched lethality of the weapon after striking the exact point of a chosen target with precision as equal to a ‘bull’s eye’,” the declaration said.

The examination was the fourth unbeaten launch of the Block – III variant of land attack cruise missile BrahMos. “Gathering all parameters of flight in a copybook style while performing complex and high level manoeuvres, the supersonic speed missile profitably strike the target that was land-based in nature with preferred accuracy in a configuration of top attack,” it said.

The land attack variant of BrahMos has been functionalized in the Indian Army way back from 2007. BrahMos Block – III is a combined project between Russia and India, which is ideally based on Russian missile P-800 Oniks. Block III had upgraded software and advanced guidance, having features such as sharp dive from high elevation and high manoeuvres at various points.

Well friends, for now, the Indian army has successfully test-fired the BrahMos. This means there is one more addition in the security of the country. But as a matter of fact, one question arises. Should the government give a thought about creating awareness of peace instead of getting ready for a war? Please give a thought on this!!!

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Zurich Insurance uses AI for personal injury claims


Zurich Insurance is setting up AI to decide personal injury claims once the tests slashed the time used for processing from one hour to just a few seconds, its chairman stated.

“We lately rolled out an AI claims-handling and it saved 40,000 hours of work, while pacing up the processing of claims time from an hour to just five seconds,” Tom de Swaan, Chairman, Zurich Insurance told media, once  the insurer initiated utilizing machines in March to evaluate paperwork, for instance, medical reports.

“We completely plan to extend the employment of this kind of artificial intelligence,” he stated. Insurers are battling to work on the advantages of advancements in technological such as AI and Big Data since tech-driven business enterprises, such as Lemonade Inc, makes an entry in the market.

Lemonade guarantees homeowners and renters’ insurance in as minute as 90 seconds and the imbursement of claims in max to max 180 seconds with the assistance of artificial intelligence bots that help in claims of process and policies. De Swaan stated that Zurich Insurance, the fifth-biggest insurer of Europe, will employ machine learning or AI more and more for handling of claims.

“Precision has enhanced. Since it is machine learning, each new claim results to additional improvements and development,” the De Swaan said. Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance, the Japanese insurer, initiated employing AI in January, swapping its 34 members of staff in a move and said that it might save 140 Million Yen ($1.3 million) in a year. Aviva, the British insurer, is also presently looking forward to make the use of an AI.

De Swaan stated that he is not frightened of rivalry from tech majors such as Alphabet, the parent company of Google, or Apple making an entry in the insurance market, even though some technology firms have shown their interest in lending a helping hand to Zurich. “Nobody among the technology firms so far has taken risk of insurance on their financial statement, since they do not want to be in harmony,” he stated. “Your financial statement should be able to take risk of insurance and sell insurance,” he added further.


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Dates for Maharashtra HSC and SSC declared

Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Results 2017 are anticipated to roll out prior to the results of Maharashtra SSC at the certified website. As per resources, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) may announce the Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Results 2017 by end of May 25. The results of Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Results 2017 will be accessible from May 25 onwards at the certified website. The Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Results 2017 will be rolled out on the certified websites and

The exams for Maharashtra Class 12 MSBSHSE board had begun from February 28, 2017 to March 25, 2017. Number of students have appeared for the exam of Maharashtra HSC. The exam of Maharashtra HSC 2017 was performed at number of centers in the state of Maharashtra. While the result of class 10th exam is anticipated to be rolled out on May 22, 2017 by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE), the result of HSC class 12th exam is anticipated to be released on May 25 by the Maharashtra Board.

Read also >> Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2017

Students who had given the Maharashtra HSC Class 12 exam 2017 will need to confirm the result in couple of days by visiting the certified website The Maharashtra HSC Class 12 result can also be checked on the certified website of Students will need to check the results of Maharashtra HSC Class 12 exam 2017 by giving appropriate data on the link of the result that will be started soon on the certified website. According to the reports, a sum of 1.32 Lakh students had enrolled for the HSC exam from the division involving Sangli, Kolhapur, and Satara districts this year. The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has completed the evaluation of almost 25 Lakh SSC and HSC answer sheets for division of Kolhapur.

For now, the only thing that students can do is enjoy to the fullest of their leftover holidays. After few days, when the results will be declared, the only thing that is left for them to do is to study. So guys, enjoy the holidays and stay tuned for more updates on results.

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What you need to know about ransomware?

Current situation all around the globe among the various companies is very fearsome owing to the loss of data or the asked ransom. The root cause considered to affect the internet-connected computers is the “ransomware.”

Are you aware of what is it exactly? Ransomware is actually a kind of malevolent software that is designed to carry out cryptoviral extortion attack using the cryptovirology that blocks use of data until a certain amount of ransom is paid. The computer screens have messages flashing to pay the ransom into the given account when the data is tried to be accessed. In case of an uncomplicated ransomware attack even an intelligent software person can retrieve the data but, similarly, in case of a complicated attack the decryption of the data is difficult until the ransom is paid. In certain conditions, the Master File table or the entire hard drive is encrypted, thus denying the user to access his or her critical files stored in the computer. The decryption is not possible without having the decryption key making the situation even worse.

In this attack, the controller uses the Trojan horse payload files to attack the computer user’s files. The recent WannaCrypt0r 2.0 bug has affected 2 Lakh systems across 150 countries and asked for a ransom of $300 to be paid in Bitcoins. Though the amount is paid there is no guarantee that the files will be restored or else the files, when opened, may have new malware attached to it. It is considered to be one of the most vicious cyberattack in the history. India is one of the most affected countries in the public and private sector and the Indians are working day and night to avoid such attack in the future.

Blow of the ransomware attack

Ransomware attack in a digital world of today is very crucial. The WannaCry attack has affected not only the larger or smaller firms but also the transportation, hospitals, or other public utility sectors. This attack literally brought a halt to the public utility sector for a day. Hence, a lot of hard work is being done by the IT professionals to any such attack in the near future.

Menace to India

Owing to the systems still working that are using the older operating systems version such as XP, Windows 97, Windows 98, and others in India, they are at a higher risk of being attacked. In addition to this, the use of unlicensed software and the low privacy or security issues could make the conditions worse.

How to tackle the attack?

The security software such as the deception technology or the offline storage of data in external storage drives are the best way to help protect losing the data completely.


Flying water car prototype revealed by French Startup and it’s working

Where the world on the other side is curiously building and testing its autonomous technologies, some players are playing a totally different game. A French company named as SeaBubbles has recently raised a funding of $10.8 Million to craft a flying water car. It recalls a scenario from the James Bond Movie, right guys? In addition, the boats are already created and will be rolled out soon at one of the technology conference in the coming month.

There’s no doubt in the fact that flying water car sounds more pleasing than electric cars, but again arises a question based on the actuality of preference towards buying a boat that isn’t affordable for the average consumer.

SeaBubble decided to change the experience of the water-based expedition and voyages in 2016. Getting more deeply into the operational functionality of the machine, the company developed car-structured river shuttle boat that is equipped with hydrofoils. The technology enables the boat to rise on the water waves. It is projected that these flying boats, post official launch, will be rolled out first in locations where waterways are first prioritized in terms of transportation medium.

Flying water cars will fly some inches above the still water, which will deliver a frictionless experience for the commuters. It still needs to be seen that how the machine performs on the grounds of heavy winds. The company anticipates witnessing over dozens of flying cars in the summer of 2017 over the Siene.


The company sees the development as a potential mode that can be used as on-demand ferry shuttles. It would be great to say how the boats will look while flying and testing, as it is the concept that no one ever thought about practically.

SeaBubbles now plans to expand its reach in the international markets. It projects to bring flying water cars to the potential regions such as Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United states in the coming period.

As a conclusion, we cannot deny the fact that we are breathing in such period where at every quarter there is a technological advancement and innovative concepts that constantly keep knocking the doors of opportunities.


Spend time with your mom on this Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day plan to surprise your mom by spending some quality time with her. In order to do this, here are some activities that you can perform. Let us have a look.

Sunday meal

Having a meal with your mom is the least that you can do in order to spend some time with her. Have your breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner with her. Try avoiding strong alcohol at the meal. A touch of mild wine will help at the time of dinner. Fill the breakfast and the desserts with your mom’s favorite pastries.

Family picnic

Arrange a trip with your family. Or you can also invite some of your close friends. Have some fun. Spend time with your mom. On the journey, avoid being an introvert. Have a good talk with your mom. Share your feelings and thought with her. Let her known that you care for her. Express yourself. Know her problems. Be there for her. Click lots of pics with her. Afterward, you can gift those pics in form of an album.

Make her meal

If you want to do something more special, then just cook a meal for her. Start from breakfast. Make her favorite breakfast. At the lunch and dinner, try making something delicious and innovative. Surprise her with your cooking skills. Also, add a glass of wine for a great ambiance.

A phone call

If you are not able to visit your mom on this Mother’s Day due to some or the other reason, give her a call. Do not hang up quickly. Make this call memorable. Have a good talk with her. Share your feelings and thought with her. Tell her about the things going on in your life. Let her known that you care for her. Express yourself. Know her problems. Promise her to call back again and do keep that promise.

So friends, hope you like these tips. Do spend your time with your mother and surprise her by giving the best gift this Mother’s Day. Do let us know your thoughts about this. Do not forget to comment on this.


Places serving a Royal treat for mothers on 2017 Mother’s day in U.S.

It is common to see your mother in the kitchen most of the time no matter whether you stay in a huge bungalow or small apartment. In the whole life span, a woman spends 2.5 years or more than that in the kitchen that keeps her engaged in end number of household activities (the mother’s majority of women are mothers). So why not give them some rest. Mother’s day is one of the popular occasions to eat out every year. So on the occasion of Mother’s Day some of hotels and restaurants have arranged some great treat for mothers in the United States.
On Sunday, May 14, 2017, to serve millions of the U.S. people, restaurants have gone some extra mile to treat mothers by free meals, desserts, entries, and much more.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s:
At some participating locations, Mothers who will dine at this restaurant on May 14, 2017 will be served with free food up to $10 value.

Fogo de Chao:
A steakhouse chain that belongs to Brazil is providing a gift card for a meal that can be redeemed till July 13.
Note: This deal can be applicable on meals from Sunday–Thursday


Though it isn’t preferred for Mother’s Day celebration, then to Hooter’s has declared a great for mothers that include free entry at some locations and enjoy the delicious platters of boneless wings, chicken salad, chicken sandwich, and Hooter’s famous burger. Moreover, moms will also be presented a coupon for their next visit before June 9.

Macaroni Grill:
This restaurant is offering a free appetizer coupon for mothers who walk-in on Mother’s day until May 31.

Moms can dine free on Mother’s Day at Wienerschnitzel. The deal will serve you with a small soda, small fries, and one chili dog. The company request for proof of “mom-bership” for involved mothers.

The restaurant is offering a special brunch menu for mothers and is also giving out free entries for next visit. The free entry coupon is only applicable until May 28.

Ruth’s Chris:
This place is gifting moms with a $25 gift card that is valid until July 2. The coupon cannot be availed for takeaway rather it can be only used for the entree item purchase.
So, keep your kitchen closed on May 14 and grab these above deals.