India’s Haj Quota Is Now 1.75 Lakh, Increased By 5,000 By Saudi

Since Independence, India is currently with 1,75,025 lakh Haj quota is highest with five thousand as increased by Saudi Arabia. An agreement between the authorities of Saudi and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, the Minister of Union minority affairs was signed for increasing the quota of Indians in Haj.

The 2018 agreement was signed for the 2nd consecutive year due to the extreme popularity of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India with the Salman Bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, Saudi Monarch and the Saudi regime.

India’s Haj Quota Is Now 1.75 Lakh, Increased By 5,000 By Saudi

As per Naqvi, In the year 2017 the Haj quota of India increased by thirty-five thousand by the Saudi Arabia authorities this was the result of the good relations between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the authorities of Saudi. With 5,000 increases this year, it will also help to extend pilgrim proceeds to India in Haj.

The year 2017 recorded 1,75,025 Indian quota for Haj from which 1,25,000 people chose HCI (Haj Committee of India) to travel which the rest (45,000) people opted for PTOs (Private Tour Operators). These private tour operators have now expected a rise in their demand graph to travel to Haj. Al Khalid Tours & Travels, a prominent private tour operator’s Yusuf Kherada believes that the increase in Haj quota proposed by Mr Naqvi, the Minister of Minority Affairs is much appreciated. The demand to travel to Haj was double the seats accessible and this raise will help them to make their passengers happy.

The HCI (Haj Committee of India) has received three lakh and fifty-five thousand Haj travel requests for the year 2018. The committee states this year that they won’t approve any claims applied for the fourth time to visit the Haj.

The Minister of the minority affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi mentions that this year there will be no “Mahram” and nearly there are one thousand and three hundred women travelling to Haj. The authorities of the Saudi have also agreed upon this decision while reviewing the sea route travelling option for pilgrim sending.


Mahabharata Museum To Promote Hindu Mythology In Haryana’s Kurukshetra

Mahabharata themed museum is to begin its construction led by the Central Government the Bharatiya Janata Party in Kurukshetra district of Haryana. The multi-crore project and the government face excess condemnation from the opponents for spending crores on the international celebrations of Gita Jayanti Mahotsav while uplifting the current condition of the river Saraswati.

Mahabharata Museum To Promote Hindu Mythology In Haryana’s Kurukshetra

According to the sources, Rs 31 crore has been allocated to the museum project under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme by the Union Government of India. The project will be the center of excellence with shopping complex, meditation centre, toilets, ample space for parking, etc. The construction has begun on at the Pehowa Kurukshetra road on the 19 acres of land.

This project and the earlier two are observed as an attempt to promote the religious tourism and Hindu mythology by the government of BJP. The construction of this multi-crore project is set to be completed within one year of tenure. Kurukshetra, the holy city, has already provided lands to build a temple and now the KDB (Kurukshetra Development Board) at cheaper rates has allotted land to the religious gurus of the Local Trust for the project.

Reacting to the situation, Ashok Arora, the state president of INLD (Indian National Lok Dal) states that the BJP Government doesn’t allot the money for developing the villages or enhancing the health or environment condition of the city or construction of the roadways instead can spend on promoting religion by building temples. He further explains that in the past the government of BJP similarly wasted money on Gita Jayanti Mahotsav and Saraswati river and at present are wasting crores of rupees on constructing new mythological project rather than creating employment opportunities for the youth of India.

The multi-crore museum project has achieved mix responses from the villagers of Jyotisar while demanding the government to spend on the education of the youth and create employment for them under the project.


Teen Who Killed Mother And Sister In Noida Has Confessed

Missing since the murder of his sister and mother, a 16-year-old boy has been missing. The boy, who got away after murdering both, was caught in Varanasi and has confessed to his crime. He confessed that he killed his sister and mother with a scissor and pizza cutter because they had scolded him over his poor performance at school. He also said he was beaten up by his mother for not studying.

Last night, the juvenile was detained for the double murder as he was the prime suspect in the case. The police caught him in Varanasi from where he had called up his father, the police stated. The father requested him to come back home and asked him not to be afraid and tell the truth.

Teen Who Killed Mother And Sister In Noida Has Confessed

On Tuesday, the mother and daughter were found murdered in their apartment in Gaur Green City in Greater Noida. According to the police, the juvenile had attacked his sister and mother with a bat, and after that, he used a pizza cutter and pair of scissors to kill them. The mother of the boy was stabbed seven times in her head by the boy whereas the daughter was stabbed five times.

In the CCTV footage, the teen was seen entering the house with his sister and mother around 8 pm on Monday, then around 11.30 pm, he was seen leaving the house all alone. He was very calm and was seen fiddling with his phone while leaving the society premises. The police found out clothes with blood stains in the washroom of the house.

The boy’s father, who is a businessman, was in Surat and was not in town at the time the murder. The boy’s grandparents also used to stay with them but unfortunately, even they were not at home when the incident took place. The boy’s father told the police a sum of 2 Lakh was missing from the house.

The boy was weak in studies because of which he was often scolded, said the police. Also on the day on which the incident took place, he was scolded by his mother for his poor studies.

The police is suspecting a violent video game, which the boy used to play, may have led to the crime. According to the police, the boy was addicted to the game, which dares the players to kill and get away with the murder. The police had found the game on the boy’s phone and other devices in the house.

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There’s More To Tea Than Just About Green And Black

For all the Tea lovers, there’s a lot more for you to find out than just green tea and black tea.

As diehard tea or chai drinkers, we’re well familiar with tea. We all are aware about the spices we prefer to add to the brew and we know the exact amount of milk we like to pour in our cup of tea. But even though we think we’re the best tea experts, there’s a lot more to tea than just a simple strong milky tea or chai. There are different kinds of tea accessible all over the world so below we will focus on 6 of the most popular and well-known ones. Steep yourself and go ahead with a cup of one of them.

  1. Green Tea

There’s no one in the world who doesn’t know what green tea is and its benefits. The prominent tea is known for its cleansing, detoxifying and has the abilities to maintain weight but along with that, there are more kinds than just simple general green tea. There are alternatives like Matcha, Sencha, and fruit infusions in tea, which have their own individual flavors that are slowly gaining popularity. Here we mean, if Matcha green flavor tea ice cream comes in future, you know it’s set to hit recognition.

  1. English Breakfast Tea

The term English breakfast tea is generally used to indicate a tea mix which is originated from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. The British are popular to hold their tea close to their heart and this mixture of English breakfast, which is finding its place at the beginning of the day originated when chai and tea was a traded product.

  1. Jasmine Tea

Just the perfume of jasmine makes for a sweet and delicious smelling tea so you can visualize how refreshing it is in tea. To make this particular jasmine tea, its buds are infused within different types of tea. This hard job takes place over the course of several days when jasmines blossom in a controlled environment to make sure that the flavor is just accurate.

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A house built within 24 Hours

Technology has taken the world under its cover. The world in today’s era runs on the technology. The new 3D printing technology is the latest trend making a buzz globally. To prove to the world the 3D printing is a boon, the tech startup company Apis Cor has come up with a 3D-printed house. Won’t it be amazing to see your house get built within a day or so, in way you want it? The 3D printing technology helps you make your dream come true.

On a trial basis, the researchers have built a house using the 3D technology rather than the usual traditional method in a town outside Moscow. The residential house was built within a day which is something that is really surprising. The researchers used the mobile 3D printer to create the concrete walls and partitions present in a house to build a fully connected structure rather the usual way of printing the building sections at an off-site facility and later fully building it together. After the construction of the house, the mobile 3D printer was removed from the structure and the later work was completed using the help of a number of contractors to put up windows, roofs, and the other interiors of the house. The house was build in a unique curved shape with a 400-square-foot size in order to prove that this technology can help you build the house in the shape you want it to be. The built house has all the features and constructions a normal residential house should have such as the bathroom, hall, bedroom, gallery, kitchen, and others.

Apis Cor partnered with Samsung for demonstrating its technology in the global market. In addition, Samsung provided the house with all the electronics such as TV, kitchen appliances, and others. The overall house cost around $11,000 for its completion. Out of the expenditure, the construction of the house cost $10,134 and the rest of the interior expenses cost more. Though the comparison between the calculation of the total expenses of a 3D-printed house and a traditional residential house is difficult, it can be assured that the technology built will prove to be a better option.

So make a way for hi-tech living!

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Preventing and treating Alzheimer’s may be possible soon

We all know about the Alzheimer’s disease and yes, it is the most prominent cause of dementia globally. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that is linked with aging and results in problems associated with thinking, behavior, and memory. There is no known cure for this life-threatening disease till date but we do have treatments for few of its symptoms.

Recently, a research team at the Oregon Health & Science University has revealed a link between the occurrences of aquaporin-4 in older people who suffered from Alzheimer’s in comparison to those who did not suffered from  the disease.

Aquaporin-4 is an important segment of the brain network, together called as the glymphatic system. They allow the cerebral-spinal fluid from the exterior of the brain to sweep away proteins, including tau and amyloid that accumulate within the brain. Accumulation of these proteins can destroy the nerve cells in the brain in people suffering from Alzheimer.

To study this, the team closely investigated 79 brains donated for scientific research. They found thataquaporin-4 was well organized and outlining the brains’ blood vessel in the adults and older people without Alzheimer’s disease. However, the aquaporin-4 was observed to be disorganized in people suffering from the disease, which reflects the incapability of the brain to wash away debris such as amyloid-β.

Thus, future research examining aquaporin-4 may tender a future opportunity for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Wouldn’t it be great if we find the key to this?


Prehistoric Coin found at Tower of David in Jerusalem

Our ancestors have done loads of trading activities and have established their own financial system. Thus as the earth isn’t stable in place, every human has a duration in its present and remembrance in the history. With these memories, they have left their history marks in terms of ancient monuments, coins, artefacts, and many other ancient things. And these ancient stuff are found under the earth by the most curious animals named as humans.

An antique coin has been discovered from the period of of King Antiochus IV Epiphanes, which is related to the Hanukkah at Tower of David in Jerusalem.

The place where coin was found is a medieval citadel located near Jaffa Gate of Jerusalem. The reason of finding these ancient items is due to the citadel construction on remains of ancient historical land, which is also a World Heritage site.

The archaeologist realized that the coin was made up of bronze, and was in use during the supremacy of Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 2nd century BC. There is an engraving of King Antiochus depiction while the other side shows a goddess draped in a scarf.

This vintage coin was discovered during conservation work carried in the tower. During work, the Tower of David’s chief officer Orna Cohen came across a metallic thing flashing through the stoned wall.

According to David museum, the specific date cannot be predicted but it can be affirmed that the minting of the coins were done in the city of Acre. Approximately, the date of minting should be in between 168 to 172 BC.

However, this isn’t the first discovery in the Tower of David, iron arrowheads and ancient missile launchers stones were also excavated from the same tower.