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Hike ID Launched By Hike Messenger, Allows Users To Talk Without Sharing Their Phone Number

In an attempt to provide its users with more privacy controls, home-based Hike Messenger has declared the roll out of Hike ID. This exclusive Hike ID will eliminate the requirement for giving the phone number to initiate a conversation so that confidentiality of users is kept secure. Also, the users can simply look out for any person with their Hike ID, which will further eliminate the requirement to save a contact prior to conveying a message. Basically, Hike ID is a username, resembling what other social services provide.

Hike ID Launched By Hike Messenger, Allows Users To Talk Without Sharing Their Phone Number

Thus, from now onward if users of Hike do not wish to share their mobile number to talk with anyone, they can simply give their Hike ID. Incidentally, Hike Messenger conducted a survey to gather the response from the users. As per the survey performed with Hike user base of more than 1 Million, 69% users stated that they enjoyed talking to individuals without sharing their mobile numbers first.

Moreover, above 72% of users mentioned that they wish to avoid the procedure of saving the number of any person prior to conversing with them. Thus, Hike surfaced with this new username feature appears to be a perfect key to these 2 issues. Furthermore, this will also protect the confidentiality of users.

VP Product at Hike, Pathik Shah, on the roll out of Hike ID, said, “Confidentiality is at the core of everything we develop at Hike. Always, there has been a huge requirement from our users for facilities that allow them to have more command over their relationships online such as Hidden Mode and tailored privacy controls for timeline posts, status updates, and profile pictures.”

At present, the Android Hike users will be capable of creating and sharing their custom Hike username in the next week, whereas iOS Hike users need to wait for some more days.

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Locate the best burger stalls around you

Who wouldn’t have their heart melted looking at the luscious burgers? The burger is something all the food lovers can die for. Therefore, in order to soothe their urge for burgers during the tired and lazy days, a Malaysian company has come up with an amazing app.

Unilever Food Solutions Malaysia has developed an app called Burger Kat Mane for helping the public locate their favorite burger stalls nearby their location. When you are at the peak of your hunger, all that you can see around is food. After a quick glance, when you open your eyes, you have nothing around. This is just a trick! Maybe our mind plays with the body in order to cut down your calorie intake. So guys don’t listen to your mind and do just what your tummy tells you to do. Thus, for not disappointing you at the time of hunger, the company has developed this fabulous app to help you hunt down the burger stalls present at every nook and corner of the street.

Currently, the Unilever Food Solutions Malaysia plans to expand its business by connecting around 10,000 and more burger stalls present all across the world for all the burger lovers. It’s a surprise for all the friends who have been waiting all these years for a food trail that leads to the burger stalls. The app lets one choose his or her favorite stall present in Burger Kat Mane and share their view with the other users using the Burger Kat Mane Facebook page. The burger stall owners can also post their offers as well as publicize their products to boost their business. All that the users have to do for enjoying the free services is to sign in online.

According to a manager of the company, the app tends to help an individual to locate the burger stalls using the map-based technology. Burger Kat Mane is going to prove to be a turning point for the burger operators.

So friends, don’t curb your urge for a burger munch. Rather download the map-based app to locate the nearby burger stalls.

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Self-Destructing ‘Secret Chats’ Features: Viber

We all are familiar with Viber, an instant VoIP and messaging app, which has recently added a new feature to its app. It is one of the largest messaging apps with almost 800 million users around the globe. Viber has rolled out a new feature known as ‘Secret Chats’ that enables the individuals to send end-to-end encrypted videos and photos with self-destruct timers to their friends. This new specification is relatively same to Secret Conversations of Facebook Messenger. With the use of this feature, the Viber users are allowed to set a time limit for the complete thread rather than separate messages. It is available for both one-to-one chats and group conversations.

Self-Destructing ‘Secret Chats’ Features: Viber

Users are absolutely inhibited to take screenshots on Viber of secret conversations on Android, whereas on iOS receives a notification if anyone gets a screenshot of the secret conversations. Apart from this, Viber restricts the secret conversations from being sent to other individuals. The users of Viber are also permitted to set up a PIN for secret chats. The new feature will be launched for iOS and Android users by next week.

Viber encrypts all the messages, photos, group chats, videos, and calls. The application also offers users the choice to remove a message after sending it and also lets the users put some chats out of their screen sight.

The new feature of Viber was launched immediately after the Wikileaks’ CIA documents dump. A while ago, Wikileaks revealed 8,761 documents demonstrating how the Central Intelligence Agency utilizes devices to break into phones, apps, and other devices. Few of the facts in the leaks recommend there are vulnerabilities in Android and iOS.

Wikileaks stated that the CIA can hack into the WhatsApp messages of the users that are supposed to be end-to-end encrypted and also the premier US intelligence agency is hacking into the software of the iOS and Android devices rather that into the applications.

So, are our private chats really secure? What do you think about it?

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Sound-Based Payments Feature: Freecharge and Tonetag Partner

How frequently do you use FreeCharge? So here is something you should know. FreeCharge has teamed up with ToneTag to develop a new sound-based digital payments technique. The company recently declared that its consumers can now make payments with the aid of sound waves. At present, this new feature has been made accessible for Android on the FreeCharge app.

Sound-Based Payments Feature: Freecharge and Tonetag Partner

This new sound payment technique is facilitated via ToneTag. The FreeCharge users can find this new way of payment in the “Send” or “Pay” option. Now, the user can access the new sound payment option from the previously existing modes of payment such as QR code scanning and On-The-Go-Pin.

On choosing the sound payment mode, the traders have to fill the required details for a transaction on the platform they are currently utilizing. This will release a sound signal to the app of the customer. For the functioning of this technique, the merchant’s device and customers’ phones should be kept in the proximity of each other so as to receive the sound accurately. As the app obtains the signal, the user will see a “Pay Now button.” Selecting the option will accomplish the payment procedure.

Besides, the merchants can also receive sound-based payments via any device with the assistance of the ToneTag software development kit.

At present, these sound-based payments on FreeCharge are acceptable at almost 62 outlets of mall parking, Trust Pharmacy, NICE toll plaza, and various other office and colleges parking allied as ToneTag merchants.

What do you think how much convenient it will be to use this new technique of transaction? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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Dhobilite to Give Laundry Services to the Users

Technological advancements have made the life of humans very easy and comfortable. They have made true the dreams that man used to see a decade ago. Daily chores are made easy by the smartphones and the apps. You can now order food and book taxis as well buy using these apps. The latest addition to this list of service-provider apps is DhobiLite.

Dhobilite to Give Laundry Services to the Users

Most of us do not like doing their own laundry. So why not give those to one who can take care of this chore. DhobiLite offers you online service at your doorsteps for laundry and dry cleaning. Isn’t it exciting??? Well, the app lets you unload that dirty laundry of yours to the service providers. For availing this service, you have to download the DhobiLite app from the Google Play Store for the Android Platform. The app is also available on Apple Store for iOS platform. Once you have downloaded the app, you need to schedule a free pickup for your laundry. The service provider then comes on the scheduled time and picks your laundry for dry cleaning.

The normal executing time that DhobiLite takes is 2.2 days. In most of the cases the order gets ready within 1.5 days. But due to customer unavailability, the time is made up to 2.2 days.

DhobiLite was initially started in Noida in 2011. Recently, the app and its service have flourished all over the country including major cities such as Gurgaon and Delhi.

Well, now that you know this app, start unloading your dirty laundry.

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App of the Day: Tinder

Well, every youth in the world is aware of Tinder. It is a location-based app. The main motive of the app is to bridge the gap of communication between to mutually interested users. This is done by allowing the matched user to communicate with each other through chat. Commonly used for dating, the app has extended much more and has been providing more services. This made it more like a social media application.

The history of the app goes back to 2012 when it was launched. Originally, it was developed in Hatch Labs. By 2014, the app ended up registering almost 1 Billion swipes per day. Tinder is the first of its kind—swiping app. Users use swipes to express their feelings. A right swipe indicates a good match whereas left swipe indicates ‘not interested’ and shows the next one.

According to a survey, an average user spent an hour and a half on Tinder. Many more upgrades were made to the app to increase the functionality and give the best user experience. In 2015, a special feature was rolled out where the user can go back to those profiles that were rejected. The ‘rewinding’ feature was established to give a second thought to the rejected profile, that was not possible in previous versions.

Well, having yourself on Tinder is a trend. Youngsters think it as a cool way to live a lifestyle. But is the app really that worth? The motive of the app is to help users find their love. But is this the right way to do so?

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App of the day: Twitter

Have you been tweeting around? If yes then you may be the person with loads of updated information about what’s going on around the world. It’s not about following a social news site; it’s all about knowing the world outside just by scrolling down your smartphone screen curiously by simply sitting on a cozy couch, in office, and many other places. Today were talking about the bird in blue colored app Twitter.

Twitter is a platform that provides online news feeds and much more used as social network service. It allows the user to publish their post of 140 characters which is known as “tweets”. The app enables the registered user to read as well as post the tweets but for unregistered ones they can read the trending stories and news. Twitter is not just operational on an app but it can also be accessed through the website.

Founders of Twitter

Let’s go through the foundation stuff of the organization. Twitter was created by a team of four members including Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Evan Williams in March 2006. The tweeting concept came out into the application during a brainstorming session conducted by the board members of a podcasting company Odeo for the undergraduate students at New York University.
Twitter is fully functional on various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. Twitter has more than 310 Million active users around the globe.

It is has been the best app-based platform to publish live breaking news related to the infinite number of topics such as entertainment, politics, sports, upcoming events and much more. It has been said that if it’s happening anywhere, it’s probably happening on twitter. Twitter also allows the user to post photos, videos and live streaming by inbuilt periscope button.

So in case you don’t have a twitter account, get logged in and get a bit social and be updated—not like Facebook of course.


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App of the day: Angry Birds

We all are familiar with the most famous and evergreen game of the decade—Angry Birds. The game has been with us since the launch of Android in the market. Created by Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish company, the game is still intact in the market and its popularity has not been decreased by a bit.

The game revolves on multi-colored birds, each with different power and characteristic, which are trying to save their eggs from the cruel pigs. The game was inspired by Crush the Castle. The popularity of the game was so high that it resulted in many more versions of games for gaming consoles and PCs. Various merchandise in the market are also available.

The game crossed the number of 2 Billion downloads all across the globe in January 2014. By the end of July 2015, the number reached 3 Billion making the app as the most downloaded game series of all time.

An animated film based on the game was released on May 20, 2016 by Columbia Picture. This indicated the popularity of the app.

After the release of the initial game series in December 2009 for iOS, Apple then rolled out ports for the game. These ports were used for other handsets with different OS such as Android, Windows, and Symbian.

Well, till date the game is the most famous game and people always prefer it to cut their time. We wish that the game may have the same popularity in the future as well. All the best to the angry birds for their mission to protect eggs.

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App of the day: Office Suite

We are into the world which speaks the language of data and runs based on data. The data or information generation needs a platform for editing, viewing and developing for the business, educational purpose, presentations and many other applications. People nowadays don’t carry laptops with them to process their presentation or the related work. The significant change in the mobile application development has enabled the users to reduce their burden and play smart with their data and content, statistics and other graphical presentation.

Today, we have brought to you an overview of the app—Office Suite.

An office suite is a cross-platform mobile application, which simplifies your data handling and processing methods with one click on your smartphone. The application is supported on Android and iOS, windows operating platform. It was developed by the US-based Mobisystem, which is a pioneer in app development solutions. The app was first released in 2004 on Palm OS, for Symbian in 2015 and finally launched for Microsoft in 2016.

Office Suite enables the user to create, view, and modify the intricate office documents. The app is fully compatible with Microsoft’s formats comprising DOCX, PPT, XLS, XLSM, PPSX, PPTX, DOC and much more. It is also compatible to view the PDF document and eases the process of PDF exporting. The app is professionally built to synchronize your data with file commander that enables the access to local and remote files. Office suite allows the user to share the files through the cloud by DropBox, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Google Drive. The app supports 68 languages. It is available in three versions as OfficeSuite Free, OfficeSuite Pro, and OfficeSuite Premium.

Thus, the functions of the app have eased the life of the professionals and students.

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App of the Day: Facebook

Facebook is the social networking service that many of us use every day. Some of us cannot imagine our lives without this. Thanks to Facebook for rolling out its app. This grew the number of users using the service.

This all started way back in 2003. It was October 28, 2003. Mark wrote a program called “Facemash”. This was the initial phase of the Facebook. Later in 2006, Facebook was open to all with the minimum age restriction of 13 years along with a valid email ID. This was started on September 26, 2006. Eventually, the social network grew and in 2012, the number of active users using Facebook reached 1 Billion. This was a record for any public and social network company.

Eventually, Facebook had many features. Till date, Facebook has following features integrated—Notes, Chats, Gifts, Marketplace, Messaging, Voice calls, Video calls, Video viewing, Tor hidden service, User profile/personal timeline, News Feed, Like button, Following, Comparison with Myspace, Privacy, Facebook Bug Bounty Program, and others.

All over the world, Facebook is popular among users. Below is the list of countries with most active Facebook users.

  • Mexico with 44.4 Million members
  • Indonesia with 60.3 Million members
  • Brazil with 70.5 Million members
  • India with 108.9 Million members
  • The United States with 151.8 Million members

Well, this was a short brief about Facebook. We are sure that the company and its services will keep on growing and setting new records and bars in the world. We wish all the best to the firm and the people working hard for it.