T-Hub And Facebook Jointly To Engage With 10 VR-Aimed Startups

T-Hub And Facebook Jointly To Engage With 10 VR-Aimed Startups

Facebook is seeking to recognize the Indian VR (virtual reality) market and aim on domestic content to drive Oculus, its VR technology product. This data was verified by a company executive to the media in an interview. As per business developmentā€™s vice-president for Oculus and Facebook, Ashutosh Jhaveri, the social media behemoth plans to execute this with the accelerator program. This program was declared last week in association with T-Hub where it will operate with VR-aimed startups.

T-Hub And Facebook Jointly To Engage With 10 VR-Aimed Startups

Last week, Facebook declared that it was preparing up in association with T-Hub for an India Innovation Hub. T-Hub is an incubator established by the Government of Telangana. This hub will operate with 10 VR-aimed companies and will offer them authorization to VR Innovation lab of Facebook as fraction of the accelerator program that will last for 6 Months. Facebook also rolled out the program of School of Innovation in association with Startup Village Collective. Below this program, 10 groups of engineering candidates will receive a chance to make a next-gen product design utilizing VR.

“It will take some time for VR to develop in the country but we need to be present when it takes place,” Jhaveri claimed to the media in an interview last week on the account of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. “The big thing needs domestic content. We do not need to roll up with outside content. That is one of the factors that the accelerator program aims for. This will be used to measure the market and make an entry in a correct way,” he claimed.

Facebook is gambling huge on VR and is allegedly planning to obtain millions of users all over the world to employ its goods. VR is also encountering rising applications in the country, from entertainment and films to healthcare in addition to various different applications.

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